which healthy foods and drinks can be bad for your teeth feature image

Which Healthy Foods And Drinks Can Be Bad For Your Teeth?

25th May, 2017

Healthy eating is great, and a common goal for all of us – as it should be! But it’s not ...

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Is Your Smile Ready For Summer?

19th May, 2017

Summer is right around the corner, and with better weather on the horizon now’s the time many of us are ...

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Series 2: Gum Disease And X-Rays: Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

10th May, 2017

Welcome to the second and final entry in our series about the importance of frequent dental visits. As we covered ...

cavities and oral cancer why regular dental visits are important feature image

Series 1: Cavities And Oral Cancer: Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

3rd May, 2017

Frequent dental checkups are really important, but let’s be honest – barely any of us go as often as we ...

why having good teeth is great for your general health feature image

Why Having Good Teeth Is Great For Your General Health

26th Apr, 2017

We all know that we should look after our teeth. It’s drilled into us as children, and reinforced all the ...

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The Best Tooth-Friendly Snacks

18th Apr, 2017

As dentists in Blackburn, we talk a lot about how much diet has an impact on your dental health. You ...

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Why Is Sugar So Addictive?

7th Apr, 2017

The phrase ‘addicted to sugar’ is so common that we’ve probably all heard it at least two or three times ...

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How Can Dentures Improve Your Life?

30th Mar, 2017

Modern dentures really are wonderful things. (The invention is actually a lot older than you think; the first dentures were ...

amazing dental treatments for the perfect mothers day

Amazing Dental Treatments For The Perfect Mother’s Day

24th Mar, 2017

It’s not long now until Mother’s Day, and you might already be thinking about a present for that special lady ...

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The Easiest Ways To Give Up Sugar For Lent

15th Mar, 2017

With the Lent season already upon us, many of us are choosing something to give up until Easter in the ...