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are you ready for mouth cancer awareness month feature image

Are You Ready For Mouth Cancer Awareness Month?

1st Nov, 2017

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month in the UK, which means that here at AP Smilecare we’re encouraging you to ...

what happens in a root canal treatment feature image

What Happens In A Root Canal Treatment?

20th Oct, 2017

If you read our blog last week you’ll have seen us talk about the myths and facts surrounding root canal ...

keep your teeth healthy on holiday feature image

Keep Your Teeth Healthy On Holiday

23rd Aug, 2017

It’s peak summer holiday season here in Britain, and now’s the time that many of us are jetting off all ...

what are my options for crooked teeth feature image

What Are The Options For Adult Braces?

14th Jul, 2017

Crooked teeth are the modern adult’s nightmare. We talked last week about the importance of your smile, and it can ...

why your smile is key to your self confidence feature image

How Your Smile Can Help Your Self Confidence

7th Jul, 2017

For almost all of us, a smile is an instinctive reaction. You rarely decide to smile at something – it ...

is there a lack of awareness about gum disease in the uk feature image

Is There A Lack Of Awareness About Gum Disease In The UK?

30th Jun, 2017

Gum disease has been in the spotlight several times already this year. Last month in the UK we had Gum ...

the cost of adult braces incognito braces and ceramic braces feature image

The Cost Of Adult Braces: Incognito Braces And Ceramic Braces

20th Jun, 2017

In the second and final instalment in our series covering more details about the cost of adult braces, this week ...

why are dental visits good for your general health feature image

Why Are Dental Visits Good For Your General Health?

16th Jun, 2017

Making regular appointments with your dentist is about more than just ensuring the quality of your dental health – it’s ...

the cost of adult braces invisalign and quick straight teeth feature image

The Cost Of Adult Braces: Quick Straight Teeth & Invisalign

5th Jun, 2017

The idea of braces as an adult is one that makes a lot of people nervous. But it doesn’t have ...

which healthy foods and drinks can be bad for your teeth feature image

Which Healthy Foods And Drinks Can Be Bad For Your Teeth?

25th May, 2017

Healthy eating is great, and a common goal for all of us – as it should be! But it’s not ...