3 common myths about anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

Over the years we’ve heard our fair share of dental and skincare myths here at AP Skincare, but personally I’ve found that those about anti wrinkle injections and fillers tend to be some of the most prevalent. As the chief skincare practitioner myself here at AP Skincare, I conduct a lot of dermal filler treatments personally, so I know exactly how to tell the fact from the fiction! So, I thought I’d take a moment to address three of the most common myths I’ve heard about anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers over the years, and give you some more informed information.

1. Anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers and dermal fillers are the same thing

This is probably the best one for me to start with, as it’s important to differentiate them. Lots of people get them confused, but they’re different in some very important ways! Anti wrinkle injections are neuromodulators and muscle relaxant, which are typically used to soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, such as the crow’s feet we can start to develop around our eyes. It’s generally applied to the forehead and around the eyes, and as well as softening the appearance of wrinkles, it can also be used to prevent them.

With dermal fillers, on the other hand, the clue is in the name – they’re used to build up or reshape an area, normally somewhere around the temples, cheeks, lips, or around the mouth. (Our patients here at AP Skincare commonly use it to restore lost volume in the cheeks for example). The treatment uses hyaluronic acid, and results tend to be longer lasting than anti wrinkle injections. In fact, that leads me nicely onto…

2. Anti wrinkle injections permanently change your face

It’s easy to see why this one is quite so common – we’ve all seen the same magazine covers! However, contrary to what you might have heard, the effects of anti wrinkle injections generally only last about three months. That’s why regular treatments are often required for consistent results. And of course, there are concerns surrounding anti wrinkle injections that it results in a loss of facial expression. But it’s worth remembering that anti wrinkle injections only relax the muscle at the injection point – so as long as it’s delivered by a trained and responsible practitioner, it can actually enhance your facial expressions.

The effects of dermal fillers tend to last even longer, normally at least 3 months but normally closer to 6 or 12. Some can even last as long as 18 months! Like anti wrinkle injections though, it’s ultimately temporary, so it does require an occasional return visit to guarantee consistent results.

3. Cosmetic injections are painful

Everyone’s got different pain thresholds, and let’s be honest, the sight of a needle is still quite scary for lots of us! However, you’ll be happy to hear that while cosmetic injections are many things, they’re not painful. Most patients compare it to a mosquito bite – something that’s barely noticeable for most people, and the barest pinch for others. The needle that’s used is so fine that the vast majority of anti wrinkle injections don’t even require anaesthetic, because it’s so quick and painless. Anaesthetic is sometimes used for some dermal filler treatments, but really it depends on the type of procedure at hand.

That should clear up some of the biggest concerns, but if you’ve got any questions or need any other advice, don’t hesitate to let us know! Your peace of mind is important to us here at AP Skincare, so our experts are always on hand to provide any answers and reassurance you need about any of our skincare treatments. We’ve got more details about the specifics of the treatment on our dermal fillers page, but you can always give us a quick call on 01254 297 000, and we’ll be happy to answer any further questions!