3 luxury treatments to give your skin a glow-up this summer

With spring in full swing, and with summer just around the corner, we’re well into the time of year where you’ll probably be thinking of heading out to get some much needed sun. So, before you plan any possible summer excursions, why not consider giving your skin a beauty boost before exposing it to the sunlight with one of our luxury skin treatments?

Here at AP Skincare, we provide a range of fantastic treatments that can give your skin the perfect lift in order to boost your confidence before you head out to enjoy some fun in the sun. Our fantastic range of expert rejuvenating skincare treatments include anti-wrinkle treatments, non-surgical facelifts and acne treatments for those with spot-prone skin.

With all that in mind, let’s get into some of the finer details behind our range of luxury skin treatments!

Anti-wrinkle treatments and anti-ageing injections

Over time, a lot of different factors can take a toll on your skin. Things like environmental damage, stress and over activity of different muscles can leave unwanted lines around your forehead, eyes, mouth and neck.

Here at AP Skincare, our injectable anti-ageing treatments and solutions provide an effective method of smoothing out any unwanted lines around your face, without any need for medical surgery. Our injectable solutions are used by over 20 million patients a year, worldwide, and work by helping to prevent underlying muscle contractions, which helps to prevent the skin on the surface of your face from creasing.

They’re the perfect solution if you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin with a youthful glow this summer!

Non-surgical facelifts

The ideal quick-fix treatment that many celebrities opt for when they don’t have the time to recover from a surgery, our non-surgical face-lifts offer you all the benefits of a surgical procedure, without the hassle of post surgery downtime!

In 30 minutes, we can improve the volume and tautness of your facial structure – both of which are often lost over time as you age. We do this by adding small deposits of filler at specific angles on your face that subtly reverse the heaviness caused by ageing, leaving your whole face looking more volumised and defined.
Surgical precision, without the hassle. What’s not to love?

Acne treatments

Acne is an extremely common problem, especially amongst young people. It’s reported that over 90% of the population has oily skin – if you’re one of these people, you may notice that your face ‘shines’ throughout the day, and this excess of oil is what causes your face to break out with spots.

Through our clinical consultation, we can assess the possible health, stress, and environmental factors that may be contributing to your acne prone skin. From there, we’ll prescribe either our ZO skin range which is designed to equilibrate the skin, balancing the output of oil, or, we’ll recommend our acne treatment peels, which deliver targeted ingredients to soothe and control the dermal layer of your skin.

We understand how an oily complexion can be a real stickler for your self confidence, especially when you’re out trying to enjoy the very limited British summertime with your friends or family. With our professional acne treatments, we can help you get your confidence back in no time!

Your summertime glow up starts here. Our treatments are clinician-led, meaning we don’t rely solely on over-the-counter solutions, and we use medical-grade ingredients which can only be prescribed by trained clinicians like us here at AP Skincare. If you’d like to know more or book an appointment, call our friendly team on 01254 29 000, or pop into our skincare clinic in Blackburn!