3 skincare alternatives to makeup

Everyone likes to look and feel their best—it’s only natural! With the rise in the popularity of skincare and skin treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and lip filler, it’s become so much easier to enhance our appearances to the version of ourselves that makes us feel the most comfortable and confident. In tandem with this rise in skincare, makeup trends have also started leaning more toward the natural side, letting the skin shine through rather than covering it up. These days, the trend seems to be less and more!

But what if we told you that the natural glowing skin of the famous ‘clean girl aesthetic’ on social media isn’t only achieved with makeup products but skincare as well? There are a multitude of skincare alternatives to makeup that can help you achieve similar results. At AP Skincare, we are proud to specialise in clinician-led care for your skin, offering our expertise to help you take your complexion to the next level. So let’s take a look!

Skincare vs makeup – everything in moderation

Before we dive into our skincare recommendations, it’s important that we first say that makeup isn’t bad. In fact, makeup has come a long way in recent years, and now there are many options that are infused with great skincare ingredients, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

However, it’s also important to note that wearing a full face every day can irritate the skin and clog your pores – everything in moderation! So, it’s never a bad idea to give your skin a break and some extra TLC now and then, and in the place of your usual makeup routine, is where these skincare alternatives come to the rescue.

Our favourite makeup alternatives

At AP Skincare, we offer a variety of products that work together to rejuvenate your skin, making it look great with or without makeup. Our products are formulated to reach deeper under the facial tissues, giving you everything you need from the inside out for a radiant, beautiful complexion. We firmly believe in the power of each of our products, but if you’re looking for a few that you could useto give your skin that extra glow, here’s what you should try!

Heliocare 360º Color Cushion Compact SPF50+

Now, I know we said makeup alternatives, but this is too good of a product, not to mention! If you are looking for a foundation that provides excellent sun protection and a skin-like finish, the Heliocare 360º Color Cushion Compact SPF50+ is an amazing option.

This elegant cushion foundation offers broad-spectrum protection and light, buildable coverage with a beautifully dewy finish. With beige and bronze shades available, you can choose the one that best matches your skin tone. Whether you are going to the beach or simply running errands, this cushion compact can help keep your skin looking great while also providing the protection it needs from the sun’s harmful rays and giving you that little bit of coverage if you can’t be without it. It’s the perfect middle ground!

Heliocare 360º Mineral SPF50+ broad spectrum protection

This sun cream protects against both UVA and UVB rays and leaves skin with a satin glow that is perfect for those makeup-free days when you want to show off your natural beauty. It’s also an excellent alternative to traditional makeup primers, providing a smooth and even base that helps your makeup stay put throughout the day. And the best part? It’s perfect for all skin types so that you can enjoy the benefits of this fantastic product regardless of whether you’re dry, oily or in combination!

ZO Wrinkle + Texture Repair

Formulated with retinol and antioxidants, the ZO Wrinkle + Texture Repair helps support the visible improvement of your skin’s texture, firmness and colour tone. This fantastic product will reduce the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin an effortless radiant glow. The best part is that if you use it regularly, you can achieve a smoother and more even complexion that looks just as great without makeup as it does with. By nourishing your skin with powerful ingredients that promote healthy cell turnover and collagen production, Wrinkle + Texture Repair helps restore your skin’s natural beauty and vitality.

Of course, our experts are always around if you’d like some more specific advice for your skin. Just get in touch! At AP Skincare, we tailor our treatments to each patient. We also use medical-grade ingredients and products to achieve powerful and long-lasting results that you’ll absolutely love. If you’re interested in any of our skincare treatments or our dynamic, science-backed products, you can reach us at 01254 297000, and we’ll be happy to help!