4 Ways That Dry January Is Great For Your Teeth

Dry January is a common New Year’s mini-resolution, and statistically one of the most successful. It doesn’t require a drastic lifestyle change, and the relatively short time limit helps too, making it more appealing than absolute, indefinite bans on guilty pleasures – and it’s not hard to see why those often get broken. So if you’re gearing up for a short break from the booze, here’s how you’ll also be doing your dental health a world of good:

  1. You’ll be cutting down on sugar
  2. You lessen the chances of acid erosion in your mouth
  3. Your smile stays brighter
  4. You’ll reduce your risk of oral cancer

All of which – we think you’ll agree – is pretty easy to get on board with!

The Sweeter Side of Drink

mojito close up

Many alcoholic drinks are packed full of sugar, and very few of them are up-front about it! Drinks like wine, Prosecco and many ciders are especially bad culprits, while certain cocktails, spirits and mixers can contain more sugar than cakes and chocolate bars. Giving up alcohol for a while means you can immediately take a huge amount of sugar out of your diet, which can only be a good thing for your teeth!

Protecting Your Tooth Enamel

checking teeth enamel

We talk about protecting your tooth enamel quite a lot, and quite right too! Your tooth enamel is actually incredibly tough (the hardest material in your body, in fact). Acids from food and drink are one of the biggest threats facing your tooth enamel – over time, they can wear it away to expose you to a risk of cavities and infection. Drinks dehydrate you and affect your body’s ability to neutralise harmful acids, which can speed up plaque formation and lead to tooth decay. Acidic drinks like wine are especially notable culprits for this.

Keep Your Smile Bright

 smiling woman

A bright and beautiful white smile is pretty high up the priority list for lots of us. Unfortunately, drinks like dark ales, spirits, mixers and wines can all contribute to staining and discolouration of your teeth. The tiny molecules called tannins are particularly bad for this. You may be seeing a pattern emerging – yes, wine is incredibly bad for your teeth!

Reduce Your Risk of the Big C

alcoholic drinks

Most people think of smoking as the biggest threat of oral cancer, and obviously they’re not entirely wrong. But alcohol can be a big factor too – in fact, it’s up there with one of the most significant risks. The experts say that excessive drinking increases the risk of mouth cancer by up to four times that of a non-drinker. Most people won’t be nearly that far up the scale, but all the same, it shows that cutting out alcohol for a little while is never a bad thing.

At AP Smilecare, we understand it can be hard to give things up, even for a little while. Stick with it, though – depending on your intake, you might quickly start to feel the results for yourself! And of course, whether you’re tee-totalling or not, your oral health is always our top priority here at AP Smilecare. We offer a range of core treatments including not only teeth whitening, but also covering gum health and smile makeovers. Pop into our Blackburn dental clinic and see how we can help!

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