Achieve your perfect smile with invisible braces

Straight teeth are something that many desire. While some of us may be lucky enough to have pretty perfect straight teeth, for many, crowding and overlapping can leave us with misaligned teeth. This may not only lead to problems like headaches and poor overbite, it can also knock your confidence too.

At AP Smilecare we like to help you feel the best you can and so provide a whole range of cosmetic dental and regular dental treatments to help you to achieve that. Each member of our team is not only highly qualified, they are also great listeners – meaning they are able to highlight treatments and procedures that are most suitable to your specific needs.

One treatment that is extremely popular amongst our clients is invisible braces. A fantastic alternative to the traditional metal fixed ‘train track’ braces, invisible braces or Invisalign braces, quickly perfect your smile in a discreet and comfortable way. They’re ideal for any self-conscious teen or any adult, who may have decided they’d like to correct their smile at a later stage in life.

5 benefits of invisible braces

  1. Invisible braces look like ultra thin transparent gum shields, which you place over your teeth, but have the pulling power of braces. Their plastic rigidity creates a force on the teeth, moving them into alignment. As they’re so discreet, you’ll be able to wear your brace with a smile, whatever age you are and however self-conscious you may be.
  2. They’re tailor made to fit your mouth and amended every six weeks to mirror your teeth movement. With each new brace, you’ll be a step closer to that perfect smile.
  3. Unlike metal braces, which are known to rub gums and cause general discomfort, invisible braces have a soft, smooth surface and are easy and comfortable to put in, remove and wear on a day-to-day basis.
  4. As invisible braces are removable, unlike fixed metal braces, you can remove them if you’ve got a special occasion you’d like to attend – or if you’re eating. As long as you wear the braces the majority of time, you’ll get the results you are looking for.
  5. Like all braces, invisible braces will help to straighten your teeth. And with straight teeth comes a healthier mouth and less chance of tooth decay and gum disease.

Another alternative: Ceramic braces

Invisible braces aren’t the only option we have available for our clients. We also can provide ceramic braces, which are similar to the traditional metal train tracks, but are made from a ceramic, tooth coloured material. The brackets sit seamlessly on the teeth and are virtually impossible to spot.

The benefit of this type of brace over invisible braces is that they move teeth much faster – so you’ll achieve your desired result even quicker! If you have more serious dental problems and misalignment, ceramic braces may be your best choice.

If you’d like to find out about any of our braces, give us a call on 01254 297 000 We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and book you in for a no-obligation consultation.

Have you tried invisible or ceramic braces? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below or over on twitter @APSmilecare