Alcohol effects on skin and teeth

We all like one or two of our favourite tipples on occasion, but drinking too much – over a long period of time, or when out on a binge – can have a negative impact on your body.

When you drink alcohol, the toxins are absorbed into your bloodstream, affecting every single part of your body – your skin and teeth being just two areas that suffer the consequences.

Alcohol effects on skin

Alcohol can take its toll on your skin. Even after just one night out on the tiles you may notice that your skin looks dull and feels dehydrated.

You’ll also find that alcohol stops the absorption of important vitamins and minerals – which affect both your skin and body in the long term.

You may also experience dilated blood vessels in facial areas and suffer from problem skin conditions like rosacea and painful psoriasis.

AP Smilecare skin treatments

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We have plenty of specialist products and services at AP Smilecare to help keep your skin in top tip condition – protecting it from the affects of alcohol and harsh elements of daily life. These include:

The impact of alcohol on your teeth

Alcohol reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth, which is important for repairing enamel. Saliva helps limit the penetration of physical irritants and toxins in foods, which can degrade the quality of the teeth.

It also helps neutralise the acid in your mouth from acidic food and drinks – like alcohol. Saliva is necessary to defend against tooth decay – so reduced saliva production doesn’t leave your teeth with much protection.

The acidity of alcohol also softens the enamel, causing sensitivity that can impact your day-to-day life. It also weakens the teeth as it slowly withdraws all-important minerals such as calcium from your teeth.

Other conditions that are exacerbated by alcohol include periodontitis (serious gum infection) and bad breath.

Of course, there are also a number of serious oral risks that can occur from too much exposure to alcohol. These include gingivitis, leukoplakia, mouth cancer and diabetes – all of which come with a higher risk with alcohol use.

Bring back your smile with AP Smilecare

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While some of you can take action to make sure you don’t suffer from any of these conditions in the future, for some, these symptoms may have already started to appear.

At AP Smilecare we have a range of dental treatments that can help protect teeth and readdress some of the problems discussed above. These include:

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