Another successful National Smile Month

National Smith Month 2016 has now been and gone – but the impact it has made in the UK certainly won’t be forgotten for some time. The campaign, which is the UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote good dental health, was designed to create better awareness of tooth care and improve the nation’s overall oral health.

The take home message

While many us of had fun with National Smile Month – taking selfies with the campaign Smileys and holding huge Brushathons at work and in the community, there were three main messages the campaign served to promote:

  1. The need to brush teeth twice daily – last thing at night and at least one other time during the day (typically before or after breakfast) – using a toothpaste with fluoride in.
  2. The need to cut down on consumption of sugary food and drinks.
  3. The need to visit your dentist regularly for dental check-ups – typically bi-annually.

The campaign’s success

Another successful National smile Month

The number one goal of the campaign was to improve oral health in local communities. Looking at the latest news stories, it’s clear that National Smile Month did indeed have a huge impact on communities – with awareness events taking place all over the UK.

In the last two years, there have been more than 2,000 oral health events take place – just as a result of National Smith Month. Many of the events took place this year, on the campaign’s 40th birthday, some of our favourites of which you’ll see below:

National Smile Month Roadshow in Oxford

The NHS Oxford Foundation put on a fantastic road show, which visited key towns all around the county. Free oral checks were given, along with advice and freebies.

New curriculum boost in North Tees and Hartlepool

A new partnership project was set up as a result of this year’s campaign, providing 59 primary schools with teaching resources on oral health. These resources are now being used at key stage two.

Improving oral health in the elderly in Buckinghamshire

Elderly and vulnerable in-patients in Buckinghamshire received tailored sessions to help improve their oral health.

Tips to maintain your smile

woman smiling with white teeth

Just because National Smile Month is over, it doesn’t mean you should forget about maintaining and improving your oral health.

Simple ways to look after your smile include:

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What did you do to celebrate this year’s National Smith Month? Share your stories with us in the comments below or tweet us @APSmilecare