Can Chemical Peels Help With Adult Acne?

If you suffer from adult acne, we’ve got a couple of bits of good news for you. Firstly, you’re definitely not alone! The NHS estimates that adult acne affects about one in every hundred men and one in every twenty women in the UK. But here’s our second bit of good news – happy, we find that our chemical peels can often be quite a good treatment for acne.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

chemical peel

Chemical peels are one of our core treatments here at AP Skincare, and it’s not hard to find our patients who are pleased with the results! Essentially, it’s a skin rejuvenating solution which is applied by our experts right here in our skin treatment centre in Blackburn. It consists of natural acids – found in fruit and plant extracts – that gently remove your top layer of skin over a period of about thirty minutes. After that, your skin begins to repair itself to gradually restore this layer of skin, which ends up as stronger and even more youthful than before.

Our chemical peels here at AP Skincare are renowned for their deep penetration, which means they work not only on the top layer of skin, but also soak down to the active dermal layer, stimulating your cells to achieve a more visible and lasting effect.

How Is A Chemical Peel Good For Acne?

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Now we come to the million-dollar question! The answer, of course, can be found mainly in the way the process works. First, the chemical peel sloughs off dead cells from your skin’s surface, including visible signs of acne. While it’s doing that, signals are sent to younger, healthier skin cells on the underlying levels, which respond by multiplying and moving upwards to the topmost layer. These newer cells have a range of more desirable qualities over the dead ones they replace – to start with, they’re smaller, so your skin won’t feel as tight. This also gives your pores more room to drain, so they’re not clogged with dead skin cells and sebum. What’s more, this process helps to stimulate and encourage the skin’s collagen production, essentially fast-tracking its repair processes and helping to fight both visible signs of active acne as well as scarring from past cases.

It’s worth noting that there are various different factors that can affect the precise effectiveness of chemical peels. These can vary from the type of acne to the natural skin colour of the patient. For these reasons it can take between four to six treatments for you to see the maximum benefit, although you’ll see visible benefits after just one.

Our skin experts at AP Skincare will always professionally assess your skin beforehand, and go through the risks of any treatments in detail with you (if any) before we begin, so that we be absolutely sure it’s is right for you. Click here to see our range of core treatments, or pop into our Blackburn beauty salon to book an appointment in person!

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