Can teeth whitening boost your self esteem?

The way we feel about our physical appearance has a real effect on the way we feel emotionally, and how we think about our teeth plays a big part in that. In the words of psychologist Ann Demarais: “When your teeth look white and sparkly, you can relax, be in the moment and laugh. You are more confident and radiant.” And we couldn’t agree more here at AP Smilecare!

Perceptions of our own self image are projected in the ways we interact with our friends, family, and colleagues, so it’s important to make sure we feel good about ourselves! So, if you’re wondering how giving your smile a bit of extra sparkle with one of our teeth whitening treatments can give your self esteem a boost, here’s our answer!

Why are bright smiles so important to us?

Here at AP Smilecare, we understand that the colour of our teeth has a massive impact on our own sense of satisfaction with our general appearance. A brighter smile can do wonders to boost your mood, and instil a real confidence in your demeanour.

Being uncomfortable with your smile can make social interactions of any kind a real struggle. Constantly worrying about how your teeth look can really bring down your mood when out with friends, or interacting with work colleagues. If the look of your teeth is playing on your mind, you’ll really struggle to relax and enjoy yourself.

Plus, a brighter smile can instantly make you appear more attractive! Studies have shown that people hold a white smile in very high regard when rating a person’s physical attractiveness. Not to mention that confidence and a level of presentability are key features that employers look out for when hiring people.

A brighter smile can have a profound effect on your self confidence, as well as your prospects, so if you’re looking for an extra boost, we’re here to help!


Benefits of whiter teeth

So what are the actual benefits that you can expect from a whiter set of teeth? Some of these we’ve touched on already but there’s definitely a few more we can think of!

• Whiter teeth make us much more confident. When we’re happy with our teeth, we smile more, and when we smile more – we feel better, it’s a fact. Even faking a smile can flood your brain with feel good endorphins and give your mood a little extra boost.
• We relax more. Constantly worrying about the colour of your teeth is a stress for a lot of people. Many adults feel the need to cover their mouths when they smile due to their insecurities regarding their teeth.
• We feel more attractive – people with white teeth aren’t just perceived as attractive, they feel it as well. A whiter smile can put a spring in anyone’s step, and people will notice this about you.

A whiter smile is a great thing for anyone to have, but it’s important to bear in mind that by practicing good dental hygiene, you massively reduce the risk of developing things like gum disease and dental cavities.

Dental hygiene tips

It’s important to know that no amount of teeth whitening treatment in the world will make up for a poor dental hygiene routine. White teeth and healthy teeth aren’t always the same thing so here’s a few things to remember to ensure you’re doing everything possible to maintain a healthy smile!

• Visit the dentist – we’d advise getting you and your family booked in for regular check ups at least once every three months. Here at AP Smilecare, we’ve overhauled our fee system to make our private dentistry care even more affordable! See how you could benefit from our Denplan payment scheme.
• Brush regularly – brushing twice a day significantly helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, while also keeping your teeth to remain stronger for longer!
• Reduce consumption of fizzy drinks, coffee, sweets and similar products, as these are key contributors to teeth stains and eat away at the protective enamel surrounding them.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your smile, or simply looking for a reliable dentist to keep your teeth in tip top condition, we’re here for you! Our friendly team of practitioners really take the time to get to know you in order to find out exactly how you want to be cared for. We pride ourselves on offering a family friendly, caring and patient focused approach to dentistry, so whether you’re looking to upgrade your grin with one of our teeth whitening treatments, or you just want to make sure you and your family are cared for on a regular basis, we’re here to help!