Can you brush your teeth too much?

If you’re struggling with brown stains, plaque build-up, or breath that just won’t stay fresh, you might be tempted to start brushing your teeth more than twice a day. Maybe you’re thinking of giving them a clean after every meal – or more! But this isn’t necessarily going to work for your problems and you may be worried about causing more harm than good.

So, can you brush your teeth too much? Our dental experts are here with everything you need to know.

Is It Bad to Brush Your Teeth Too Much?

An extra brush every day might sound like a good thing, especially if you’re struggling with dental issues, but it’s not something we’d advise. In fact, even brushing your teeth too hard twice a day can cause problems! If you’ve got yellow stains or are worried that your breath is bad, it’s always better to see a dentist than to start over brushing your teeth.

What Happens if You Brush Your Teeth Too Much?

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t brush your teeth too hard or too much. Let’s take a look at the issues this can cause:

Dental Abrasion

Dental abrasion is a common problem seen in overbrushed teeth. When you brush too vigorously or more than twice a day, you can start to wear away the enamel and, once that’s gone, the softer structures beneath. Abrasion often makes teeth look overly shiny and worn down, with brown and yellow areas appearing near the gums.

Receding Gums

Over brushing of your teeth may force your gums back. When this happens, your teeth roots become more vulnerable as does the softer cementum, leading to pain and potentially even decay.

Increased Sensitivity

As the enamel wears away and gums start to recede, you can expect a whole lot of sensitivity. The nerves that should be protected become exposed, creating discomfort when you have hot, cold, sweet, or sour food and drink. It can also start to hurt when you brush your teeth, which definitely isn’t a good sign.

How to Solve Problems Without Overbrushing

If you’ve got dental problems that are making you want to brush more frequently, there are plenty of safer, long-lasting solutions that’ll leave you with a mouth full of healthy teeth.

Professional dental treatments like teeth cleaning and teeth whitening can deal with plaque and staining. If you’re struggling with bad breath, a check-up to look for any decay and maintain gum health is far better than overbrushing, too.

If in doubt, speak to your dentist! It’s much better for your dental health and will give you peace of mind that your teeth are in good hands.

Preventing Overbrushing

When your toothbrush bristles become flattened after only two weeks of use, you’re overbrushing. Even after a couple of months, your bristles might be splayed but never completely flattened – if they are, you’re brushing too hard.

Fortunately, not over brushing your teeth is actually very easy once you know how. Here are some techniques to maintain dental hygiene without wearing down your gums or enamel:

If you’re worried about dental problems that are making you want to brush your teeth more than you need to, reach out to our team today. We’ll be happy to hear about your concerns and recommend the right course of action. Get in touch now on 01254 297 000 or pop in to see us in our Blackburn Clinic. When it comes to your teeth, we’re always ready to help!