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man removed wisdom teeth

Our Five Top Tips For Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

19th Apr, 2018

One of our most recent blogs here at AP Smilecare went into detail about everything you might need to know ...

cola and ice cubes

The Soft Drink Sugar Tax Begins Today!

6th Apr, 2018

Fanta, Red Bull, Lucozade…these are just a few of the fizzy drinks which will be affected by the UK-wide tax ...

citrus fruits

Why You Should Watch Out For Acid’s Effect On Your Teeth

19th Mar, 2018

You’re probably familiar with lots of the major threats to your oral health – with plaque and tartar build-up joining ...

teeth whitening

Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatment On The Rise In Britain

27th Feb, 2018

There’s been some alarming news to hit the headlines recently in the UK, namely that a number of beauticians in ...

smiles in dating

Are Good Teeth So Important In Finding Love?

14th Feb, 2018

As today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to look at the importance of your smile ...

why are experts worried about our childrens oral health feature image

Why Are Experts Worried About Our Children’s Oral Health?

19th Jan, 2018

A third of children are leaving primary school obese or overweight, according to Public Health England, which is urging parents ...

3 ways that doing dry january benefits your skin feature image

4 Ways That Dry January Is Great For Your Teeth

12th Jan, 2018

Dry January is a common New Year’s mini-resolution, and statistically one of the most successful. It doesn’t require a drastic ...

the best ways to protect kids teeth at christmas feature image

The Best Ways To Protect Kids’ Teeth At Christmas

22nd Dec, 2017

Children’s health is actually improving year by year, according to the experts. That’s fantastic news for parents everywhere – not ...

do christmas tipples affect your teeth feature image

Do Christmas Tipples Affect Your Teeth?

12th Dec, 2017

It’s no secret that Christmas is a time of indulgence – and rightly so! Along with the classic Christmas food ...

are you ready for mouth cancer awareness month feature image

Are You Ready For Mouth Cancer Awareness Month?

1st Nov, 2017

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month in the UK, which means that here at AP Smilecare we’re encouraging you to ...