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dentures in water

The golden rules to properly caring for your dentures

27th Nov, 2018

First and foremost, dentures and false teeth are designed restore and care for your smile, so that you’re always looking ...

smile dentures

5 ways to know when you may need dentures

27th Jul, 2018

We know it can be difficult to judge the right time to get any dental procedure. It’s something that lots ...

ice cream teeth

How to look after your teeth during Ice Cream Month

20th Jul, 2018

It’s been an unusual summer so far here in Britain. That is, it’s actually been sunny! The soaring temperatures are ...

smiles in dating

Are Good Teeth So Important In Finding Love?

14th Feb, 2018

As today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to look at the importance of your smile ...

Get a perfect smile with invisible braces

Achieve your perfect smile with invisible braces

27th Jan, 2015

Straight teeth are something that many desire. While some of us may be lucky enough to have pretty perfect straight ...

HELP!! Can an adult still have braces?

17th Aug, 2014

This is a question we are often asked in practice & the answer is YES, you can still have braces ...

QST Diary

12th Jun, 2014

QST Diary Visit 1 – The Assessment As a teenager I had worn metal braces for two years and completed ...