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healthy smile

What is a smile makeover and how much will it cost?

28th Oct, 2019

Smiles can signal to others you are happy, healthy and even approachable! Having a beautiful smile can boost your confidence ...

dental veneer

What are dental veneers? A quick introduction

29th Oct, 2018

Dental veneers are an increasingly popular option for many of our patients here at AP Smilecare – as indeed they ...

ice cream teeth

How to look after your teeth during Ice Cream Month

20th Jul, 2018

It’s been an unusual summer so far here in Britain. That is, it’s actually been sunny! The soaring temperatures are ...

love island

How to get those Love Island pearly whites

18th Jun, 2018

Everybody’s talking about Love Island – it’s perhaps one of the biggest shows on UK television right now. Even though ...

cola and ice cubes

The Soft Drink Sugar Tax Begins Today!

6th Apr, 2018

Fanta, Red Bull, Lucozade…these are just a few of the fizzy drinks which will be affected by the UK-wide tax ...

teeth whitening

Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatment On The Rise In Britain

27th Feb, 2018

There’s been some alarming news to hit the headlines recently in the UK, namely that a number of beauticians in ...

the dangers of tooth whitening kits

The dangers of teeth whitening kits

8th Aug, 2016

Recent research from the Oral Health Foundation has revealed that one in four people would choose at-home DIY teeth whitening ...

Our top treatments and gifts for Mothers Day

Our top treatments and gifts for Mother’s Day

22nd Feb, 2016

Mother’s Day is about making mum smile, so why not make that smile brighter, whiter, and younger with professional teeth ...


Get spruced up for the party season

7th Dec, 2015

The festive season is finally here which can only mean one thing – parties and celebrations with colleagues, family and ...

The risks of not having your teeth whitened by a professional

The risks of not having your teeth whitened by a professional

12th Oct, 2015

A pearly white smile is desirable to most – but did you know that teeth whitening can come at a ...