Denplan patients Treatment Update

It was announced last Thursday that Dentists would re-open their doors from Monday June 8th.

We wanted to let you know what that means for you and your dental care.

Throughout the Covid period we have been open as an A & E site for Dentistry & this will continue for the time being so if you have any problems please make sure you call us. The team are here daily from 9.30 till 5pm.

Initially we aim to see our patients who were mid treatment when our practice closed & then we will introduce exam appointments.

We are now required to wear the same PPE that you saw the medical staff wearing when they are working in intensive care. These specific masks & gowns must be used when we use water sprays including the hygienist scalers and much of the work you undergo that involves certain drills.
As you’ll be aware this PPE is still in short supply & though we do have stock, we are restricted to how much we can reorder each time.

In order to accommodate the closure, we will be extending our clinic hours as we really appreciate the patience you have shown over the past few months.

To make sure your visit is safe we have already implemented the government guidance on safe working and they’ll be a few differences that you’ll notice. These changes will be here over the next few months until the country moves to a reduced Corvid alert phase.

As a team we really value the trust & loyalty you have shown to the practice.

We are acutely aware that many of you have had appointments cancelled & our aim initially is to safely deliver your care as well as adhering to a framework controlling further spikes of the virus.

We look forward to welcome you bank into practice soon & wish you all well.

Kind regards – AP Smilecare Team