Don’t let stress ruin your skin!

Let’s face it; we’ve all been through stressful periods at some point in our lives. Whether it’s from too much work or lack of it, financial or relationship problems, or simply as a result of day-to-day tasks like looking after the kids, cooking and getting the house together.

The effects of stress on your skin

When you get stressed your body reacts by producing cortisol and other hormones, which begin to take over your body.

In turn, these hormones tell your sebaceous glands to produce more oil – which can create skin conditions like acne.

Stress also worsens existing health issues and skin problems, triggering a flare up of conditions like psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Of course, this in itself is stressful, so one may find they go round in circles, getting themselves deeper into the cycle of stress.

One of the health issues that stress can really impact is IBS  – and in fact the whole normal functioning of the digestive system.

This unbalanced digestion has an impact on the overall condition of your skin and can worsen the conditions you may be prone to, whether that be dryness, oiliness or dullness.

Dry skin, exacerbated by stress, also comes with its own problems – namely fine lines and wrinkles.

These pesky signs of aging come about from the dehydration of your skin, which contributes to the deep lines that can appear on your face.

Lastly, the lack of sleep resulting from stress can also play havoc with your skin – even if you don’t typically suffer from skin conditions.

A restless night can lead to dull, grey skin and under-eye dark circles and bloodshot eyes.

Ways to look after your skin and manage stress

Looking after your skin in times of stress is key to keeping it at its best. A good cleansing, toning and moisturising routine will help you skin look the best it can, whatever you may be going through.

At AP Skincarecare we have a whole range of skincare products tailored to a wide variety of skin types and skin conditions.

We also offer Medigrade facials, which not only provide your skin with that boost you need but also offer a relaxing experience, helping you to unwind and destress.

Other key ways to reduce your stress levels include:

Introducing a good sleep routine. Have a set bedtime and try to make sure you sleep for around eight hours per night.

Try stress management techniques such as meditation or yoga. If you need more support don’t be afraid to go to your doctor or therapist. They may suggest therapies such as CBT.

Consider treating your skin and body to a monthly massage and facial to keep those stress levels at bay.

Get regular exercise, out in the fresh air if possible. It’s great for regulating stress levels and your skin.

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