Don’t neglect your oral health this festive season

This Christmas, why not treat your body by looking after your oral health and wellness during the festive period? While it’s important to have fun, it’s not worth sacrificing your health or your teeth in order to have a good time. With sugar in abundance, tempting treats all around, and social events playing havoc with routine it’s easy to neglect your health. But this year, why not adopt a different approach?

Remember to brush your teeth – even if you’re busy partying!

Dont neglect your oral health this festive season

No matter how busy you are you’re never too busy to brush your teeth. As always, during the festive season, you should brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Of course, a thorough brush is important too. Brushing for two minutes allows you to clean all the surfaces of the teeth properly and remove harmful bacteria that can cause complications in the long run.

Flossing is a must too

Dontt neglect your oral health this festive season

It’s easy to forget about flossing, but it’s actually in between the teeth than decay and gum disease also occurs. If you don’t floss, food debris will eventually build up between your teeth and result in a build-up of plaque. You won’t necessarily be able to see or feel the food debris either – which is why it’s so important to floss.

Don’t overdose on sugar

Don't neglect your oral health this festive season

If there’s one time it’s easy to eat your bodyweight in sugar, it’s Christmas. There are mince pies, Christmas cake and chocolates galore – all, of course, laden with sugar. Unfortunately, these sugary treats are known for sticking to your teeth too and so cause the most damage. It’s a good idea to minimise your consumption of these foods where you can and to maintain a good oral health routine to prevent plaque build-up in the mouth.

Chew gum for healthy teeth and minty fresh breath

Don't neglect your oral health this festive season

Sugar-free gum is perfect for popping in your pocket at any time of the year – but especially during the festive months. It not only helps keep your breath fresh for all those mistletoe moments, it also helps neutralise plaque acid by increasing saliva flow.

Make new habits

Don't neglect your oral health this festive season

Have your started thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions yet? January 1st is a great time to say goodbye to old habits and make new habits for the year ahead. Perhaps you want to start incorporating flossing into your daily routine or improve your health by stopping smoking? You could also cut your consumption of sugar or swap sugar for natural alternatives like Stevia.

Don’t forget about our emergency appointments

Accidents happen – so when they do, know that we’re here to help at AP Smilecare. Whether a filling has come loose or you’ve chipped a tooth on a beer bottle, our Emergency Appointments service has been designed just for you.

Don’t forget that we’re still offering Cosmetic Treatments throughout December. So, if you’re dreaming of a whiter smile ahead of all the festivities, discover our Teeth Whitening service today.

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