Beat dry skin this winter

Winter can play havoc with all skin types and can be particularly troublesome for those with dry / sensitive skin. With the cooler, drier temperatures outside and dry conditions inside, thanks to central heating, your skin can take a beating. So, whether you’re skin’s beginning to itch or you’re suffering from inflammation and eczema, we’ve got the best solutions for beating dry skin this winter.

Use a hydrating moisturiser

hydrating moisturiser

Winter is a time to up your skincare regime. If you don’t already wear moisturiser daily, now is the time to slap it on – ideally twice daily. Furthermore, it may be worth switching skincare products come winter. Even if you’ve found a moisturiser that works fine in spring and summer, it may not offer enough hydration for the winter months. For those with dryer skin types, we recommend an oil-based moisturiser rather than a water-based moisturiser. This will create a protective layer on the skin allowing it to retain more moisture.

For skincare products that really work, browse our product range. We recommend our Heliocare range and Flavo-C range to help keep skin moisturised and healthy during winter. Both ranges increase hydration while offering a whole host of other fantastic properties.

Keep your skincare regime simple

woman having skincare treatment

When it comes to your skincare regime, keep things simple. Avoid highly fragranced products, high-street face packs and alcohol-based toners. Instead, use simple, unfragranced products that are soft and gentle on the skin. We recommend a gentle cleansing milk, a toner with no alcohol, and specialist face masks and treatments tailored to your skin.

Our Derma-Facials and Chemical Peels are great for hydrating dry skin and have other anti-ageing benefits too. For the best results, we recommend a course of four – six spaced apart weekly and then a top-up treatment every six months.

For over 30s skin that’s dull and dehydrated, we recommend our Edermaroller Collagen Therapy. The award-winning treatment can transform your skin and we recommend just three treatments for optimum skin health.

Take shorter showers

woman in shower using face soap

There’s nothing better than a long, hot shower during the winter months – but it could be doing harm to your skin. Hot water strips the face of its natural oils, making your skin feel drier. Instead, shorten the amount of time you spend in the shower and stick to warm water rather than hot. You should also avoid washing your face multiple times throughout the day – this will only remove many of the lipids that make up the skin’s barrier.

Speak to an AP Skincare specialist

Skincare specialist

If your dry skin is really getting you down, book in for a consultation. We’ll assess your skin type and discuss your current regime – offering advice on treatments and products to suit you. Give us a call on 01254 297000 to book your free consultation.

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What tips do you have for looking after skin during the winter months? Share your advice with us on Twitter @APSkincare_