How effective is routine when it comes to oral care?

We all know how important routine is in our daily lives. In fact, research has shown that the people who are most successful in their fields almost always have daily routines. Routines provide that all-important structure, helping us to complete and focus on the activities that matter most – which include looking after our overall health and wellbeing. Aspects of your daily routine, such as looking after your oral health, also contribute to you living a happy, healthy life.

Why make oral care part of your routine?

toothbrush and floss

It makes brushing more convenient

When you have to think about every little thing you need to do each day, life can get a little overwhelming. However, if you plan and regularly schedule your days ahead of time, you wake with direction for each day and know exactly what you should be doing and when.

It builds good, positive habits

When things become habit – like waking up at a certain time, eating at a certain time, or brushing morning and night – you don’t need to think about it to act. This relieves a lot of unnecessary pressure from your life while also increasing efficiency – allowing you to just get on with your day.

It helps to continuously improve your oral health over time

With any routine, it may require a few days or weeks of practise before something becomes comfortable or is performed right. But once you embark on an oral care routine, you’ll become better and better at looking after your teeth each day. Brushing will feel less of a chore and flossing will become simple.

How to build a new routine

toothbrush and calendar

If you still haven’t got into the habit of brushing twice daily and flossing regularly, why not start building your new habits today? While most brush their teeth after breakfast and straight before bed, you needn’t follow this strict routine if it doesn’t work for you. Instead, you can adapt your routine to suit your needs – as long as you’re still brushing twice daily.

What will work for you will be largely determined by your current routine. You’ll need to assess what you do and when and work out how you can easily slot your new dental care habits into your existing routine. Perhaps brushing your teeth upon waking would work best for you, instead of after breakfast. Maybe you should head to bed 15 minutes earlier, to allow you to brush and floss before getting into bed. You might also like to floss in the morning, or at another point in the day, if you find you’re too tired to floss at night.

To supplement your daily routine, regular visits to the dentist are imperative for good oral care. From general dentistry and cosmetic dental treatments to orthodontics services and emergency clinics, you’ll fine all you need at our dental practice in Blackburn.

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