QST Diary

QST Diary

Visit 1 – The Assessment

As a teenager I had worn metal braces for two years and completed my orthodontic treatment, unfortunately my teeth drifted and changed position over time. This left me feeling very self conscious about my smile as I was always worried about my teeth “sticking out” .

Undergoing orthodontic treatment was something I kept in mind but I was concerned with having to wear braces for such a long period of time again.

QuickStraightTeeth is great for me as it will help me get a straighter smile in less than ! As well as being quick, the braces are nearly invisible which is great for work.

During my assessment Mayank made sure my gums were healthy. I had also been to the hospital before the appointment and had  an x-ray taken which he also assessed.


Visit 2 – Records and Consent

During my second visit with Mayank I had “before” photographs taken and impressions for study models.

The photographs and models will be great to show the change QuickStraightTeeth will have made at the end of treatment.

The impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory where they will cast study models and send back my clear braces for Mayank to fit.


Visit 3 –  The Fitting

2 weeks later I was ready to have my clear brace fitted!

The brace fitting was easy pain free. I was also pleasantly surprised at just how clear the brace was.

Mayank took pictures once the brace was fitted and also showed me how to keep the braces clean using green tepe brushes to prevent any food trapping in between the brackets.

I will be seeing Mayank again in 4 weeks time to review any movement and change the brace wire.


Visit 4 – 1st Archwire changeover

At this visit I had my brace wires and elastic changed, this will be done at each visit from now on to help my teeth change position.

Photos will also be taken at each visit to monitor the movement and change in position.

At my next 4 week visit we will be doing the same again.