Get a bright beautiful smile in time for Valentine’s Day!

A bright, white smile can boost your confidence ahead of Valentine’s Day — the best way to get one is to start the process early! Most teeth whitening treatments, including ours, can take up to three days before you notice the full results.

So whether you have a hot date, you’re chilling at home, or you simply want a stunning smile here are some tips to help!

Use a whitening mouthwash or toothpaste

A quick, easy way to keep your teeth white is to buy and use a tooth whitening mouthwash or toothpaste. Most of these can be picked up over-the-counter and come in a range of flavours with different active ingredients.

We recommend you opt for a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash with bicarbonate of soda as the active ingredient. Formulas that incorporate bicarbonate of soda tend to work better than those without, and they are more similar to the compounds we use here at AP Smilecare.

Drink another glass of water

Another fantastic way to protect your smile and keep it fresh is to drink plenty of water. As you may well know if you’re a keen follower of our blog, many issues and staining can be reduced simply by drinking more water!

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Water helps wash away bacteria, keeps your mouth from drying out, and prevents harmful acids from staining your teeth. Plus, fluoride helps strengthen your tooth enamel which protects your teeth from harmful acids, bacteria, and cavities.

Try our professional teeth whitening gels

Lastly, we have our professional teeth whitening gels! Our unique blend of high-quality gels will give you a beautiful, bright smile with stunning results you won’t get with an at-home kit.

We mould our teeth whitening trays to your teeth in order to give you a professional seal that maximises the effectiveness of the gel. When combined with our teeth whitening compound, the trays can help lift deep stains safely and effectively. And our clients love the results!

You may experience a little bit of tooth sensitivity following the treatment, which is why we recommend you book an appointment as soon as possible. This will give you time for the sensitivity, if you have any at all, to calm down so you can enjoy your romantic evening.

During your consultation at AP Smilecare, you can share with us the results you’d like to see and any tooth sensitivity you may have — that way we can tailor our teeth whitening treatment to your needs! If you’d like to know how our treatments can improve the look and feel of your teeth in time for Valentine’s Day, book a consultation now or give us a call on 01254 297 000.