Are Good Teeth So Important In Finding Love?

As today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to look at the importance of your smile in romance. Over the years, numerous academic studies – as well as those by various mainstream dating sites like and Plenty of Fish – have almost universally found that teeth are one of the most pivotal factors when deciding whether we like someone. So why exactly are our smiles so important?

The Results Of The Studies

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It’s tricky to come up with exact numbers for statistics, because obviously every study and survey has been completed in different regions with differently sized control groups. However, the constant finding throughout all of them is that singles consistently rank teeth as one of the most important factors in a new partner. Conservative estimates put these statistics at around 55% in favour, while at the other end of the scale, a stunning 83% ranked teeth as a make-or-break factor in deciding whether there would be a next date.

What’s more, at least a third of people say that a person’s teeth is the very first thing they notice about them, while in one study, around a quarter of respondents said it’s the aspect of the date they remember the longest. Obviously, although physical attraction plays a big part, it’s not all purely superficial. Your teeth are considered, fairly or not, to be an excellent instant indicator of your general health, including how much you drink, smoke and what you’re eating. This is why lots of people think that a person who takes care of their teeth is an instant indicator of good hygiene. If all this seems a bit unfair, don’t worry – there are benefits for you, too!

How Looking After Your Teeth Can Work Wonders For You

Above all else, there’s one simple reason why you should look after your teeth – it all enhances your smile. A good smile can make you far more confident and self-conscious, which in turn means that others see you as being more outgoing and friendly. Whether or not your date is successful enough to lead to a second, having more confidence means you’re far more likely to have a better time.

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It also means you don’t have to worry about potentially stressful factors like bad breath. Even if your date doesn’t detect it, you may find yourself constantly fretting about whether or not they can, which can ruin your enjoyment of the evening even if your date thinks it’s going well!

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