Great Skincare Treatments For An Unforgettable Mother’s Day

We’re firm believers in the sacredness of Mother’s Day here at APSkincare. After all, our mums do a lot for us (sometimes even as adults!) so it’s only fair to give something back. And for such an event, why get her anything other than the absolute best? We’re right there with you – we’ve got a perfect range of treatments at APSkincare so that she can look and feel amazing.

Treat Your Mum With Our EDerma Roller Collagen Treatment

edermaroller treatment

We love this particular treatment here at APSkincare. Our EDermaroller Collagen Treatment is simple, relaxing and it gives great results, which are just some of the reasons why our patients keep coming back for it time after time. The principle is simple, too – the patient’s face is stimulated by a wand of fine microtips that massage the face and encourage an increased blood flow to the surface. This brings increased amounts of oxygen and nutrients to your skin, helping your skin cells to rejuvenate themselves and keeping your skin looking fantastic for longer.

The treatment itself takes around two hours – plenty of time to lie back and relax as we apply a soothing numbing gel on the skin to prevent too much tingling. (While a little bit can be relaxing, most people aren’t too comfortable with too much of it!). After an hour, we start the collagen treatment itself, as your skin is stimulated with a solution that filters through to the dermis, re-energising and revitalising your skin. After we complete the treatment, we then apply a soothing mask packed full of antioxidants and other natural solutions to help prevent any irritation. It’s amongst our most comfortable, relaxing treatments, and a perfect gift for that special lady on Mother’s Day.

Try A Revitalising Derma-Facial For Mother’s Day

great skincare treatment

Often chosen by our patients as their first-ever treatment, derma-facials are a delightful way to tone and revitalise your skin, and are a wonderful introduction to skin health treatments. Before we begin, we always take a moment to have a quick chat with you about your lifestyle and history. We’re not being nosy – it’s a great way for us to understand and accurately assess your skincare needs, so we can deliver a perfect solution tailored to you.

We’ll prescribe you some specific products to help prepare your skin for the treatment, so that there’s the absolute minimum of redness or irritation (if any!). The actual treatment only takes half an hour, and you might feel a few pleasant tingles here and there – which is how you can tell it’s working! The treatment affects your dermal layer; a secondary layer of your skin which governs your body’s temperature control and skin cell regeneration, amongst other things. By energising this deeper layer, we can help your skin to re-hydrate, re-energise and revitalise itself. It’s a quick, easy treatment with incredible results – your Mum is sure to love it!

Of course, those aren’t your only options – we’ve got a whole range of skincare treatments to ensure that your mum has an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for some Sunday bonding, you can even go for your sessions together! Call 01254 297 000 and speak to a friendly member of our team to book today.

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