HELP!! Can an adult still have braces?

This is a question we are often asked in practice & the answer is YES, you can still have braces to straighten your teeth as an adult!

As long as your gums & teeth are healthy there is no reason why we cannot look at solutions to straighten your smile.

Our teeth can start to look a little out of line in adulthood even if we have had braces as teenagers. This can happen in our twenties or become more noticeable in our fifties, but age is not a barrier to straighter teeth.

Often the best treatment to create that perfect smile is to have adult orthodontics.

This often conjures up an image of metal brackets stuck all over your teeth acting as a spinach trap! Not really the look many of us want in our jobs or socially.

But Braces have moved on a long way since the 1980’s! Below are a list of the most common questions we are often asked during our free ortho consults:-

The answer to all of these is YES.

We are really fortunate in Practice, because we’re one of the very few clinics in the East Lancs & Ribble Valley to have a Specialist Orthodontist plus a ‘Quick Straight Teeth’ clinician on site.

Our Specialist can work with you realigning your top & bottom teeth to make your smile something that you really want to show off . Perfect for pictures if your bride or groom! Quick Straight Teeth or QST as it is more commonly known gives you the solution for straighter teeth if its just simply pulling a couple of them into line.

Braces for the 20+ generation is a growing trend. Its amazing how much more our patients show off their smiles once they have the smile they really want.

Both Dr Salam & Dr Morar can provide you with your ideal solution in creating the straighter smile you want. By working with you we can tailor a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, your time frame & your budget.

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