Holiday skincare: Top tips for your travels this summer

Getting out in the sun is good for your health and wellbeing. The sunshine not only gives you that burst of happiness, it also helps our bodies create vitamin D, vital for healthy bones and helping prevent osteoporosis. But what about the downsides of the sun – such as harmful UV rays and long-term damage to your skin? While the sun can be a huge risk to the overall health of your skin, there are still ways you can enjoy the sun and a getaway to a hot country – it’s all about being sensible when it comes to summer skincare.

  1. Prepare for the climate

Don’t just plan your itinerary before you go away, prepare for the weather too. Look at average temperatures and the predicted forecast as well as UV levels and choose the right products to keep your skin safe. Don’t forget sunglasses, a hat (preferably with a rim) and some lightweight cover-ups too.

  1. Pack the right sun protection

Even if you’re keen to get a tan, wearing the right sun protection is vital. Don’t be tempted to stick to factor 15, instead choose the right level protection for your skin – ideally anything between factor 30 and factor 50. Our Heliocare skincare range of products are perfect for wearing in the sun. It comes with an SPF of 50 along with powerful antioxidants.  Whether you burn or not, aftercare products are also vital for looking after your skin. Any exposure to the sun will cause some damage – so by moisturising your skin and using aftersun products, you’ll not only be able to lock moisture in the dermis, you’ll also be able to prolong your tan.


  1. Be sensible when it comes to exposure to the sun

While it may be tempting to lie out on the beach all day, you won’t be doing your skin any favours. Instead, limit your sunbathing to just a few hours a day and avoid midday bathing, when sun is at its strongest. 8am – 10am or 3pm-5pm are ideal times to top up your tan.

  1. Stay hydrated throughout your holiday

When exposed to the sun your skin becomes dehydrated. To keep it in tip top condition hydrate with 6-8 glasses of water daily. A good moisturiser will also help keep skin hydrated.

  1. Continue a good skincare regime when you get back home

After prolonged exposure to the sun your skin will need a little TLC. Treat yourself to some of our best skin products, such as Retriderm or Flavo C, guaranteed to hydrate your skin. At the moment we’ve got 20% off our SP range of skincare products so it’s a great time to invest in them.

A chemical peel or facial massage will also regenerate your skin and bring back that smooth, healthy glow. Both treatments promote skin cell regeneration and repair any damage caused by UV rays – so they’re the ideal post-holiday treat.

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