How Can Dentures Improve Your Life?

Modern dentures really are wonderful things. (The invention is actually a lot older than you think; the first dentures were around as early as 700BC!) Today they’re designed to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and healthy to boot. They’re also tailored specifically to your mouth – not bad, all in all! Let’s lay them out quickly – here are just a couple of the ways in which a set of dentures can improve your quality of life.

  1. They enable clearer speaking.
  2. You can eat what you want, without having to opt for just soft foods.
  3. They lift your facial structure, improving your confidence.

So, you may be wondering – how exactly do they do it?

Dentures Help You To Speak More Clearly

dentist creating custom dentures

One of the most widely-feared effects of losing our teeth is the idea that it damages our ability to speak clearly – and life is hard enough without having to repeat everything twice! Trouble articulating yourself properly can be annoying and sometimes even distressing, especially if it’s due to damaged or missing teeth. Thankfully though, a set of dentures that are contoured to your mouth can help you regain that ability, giving you your voice back again. Of course, it doesn’t always happen immediately – you might need a bit of practice first. Some people find it helpful to read out loud to themselves in private, giving you a chance to get your new teeth around those trickier words.

You Don’t Need To Change Your Diet

green apples

Coming a close second to speaking difficulties is the notion that we won’t be able to eat our favourite foods anymore. Don’t worry – it doesn’t just have to be soup forever! Dentures improve your bite function, making it easier and more comfortable to chew, so you don’t have to cut anything out of your diet. (Although you may want to rethink the super-sticky toffee.) Again, it’s always a good idea when you first get your dentures just to give yourself a bit of breathing room to get used to them – cutting your food into smaller pieces at first can help you (literally) get your mouth around them, and don’t forget to chew on both sides so that you know they’re completely comfortable!

Improve Your Appearance And Self Esteem

dentures improve smiles

Dental issues can be a massively sensitive issue for many of us, but there’s even more good news on that front – dentures can help with that, too. Well-fitting dentures are specially constructed to look and feel natural, helping to support your facial structure by reducing sagging facial muscles and the appearance of wrinkles. In this way, they help to keep you looking youthful for longer, which can have a fantastic positive impact on your self esteem.

A final word on dentures though – like normal teeth, they have to be well cared for. Make sure to take them out every so often so that they can be cleaned to avoid infections and bad breath. While you’re doing that, brushing your palate, gums and tongue a few times a day is important too. You can use a soft bristled toothbrush for sensitive gums – remember, brushing harder doesn’t necessarily mean brushing better!

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