How much does your diet impact your skin?

You’ve heard it before but the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is true when it comes to your health, appearance and wellbeing. Your skin, especially, is affected by the food and drink you consume – affecting the look and appearance of it negatively or positively. On the whole, foods rich in antioxidants and healthy fats result in glowing, hydrated skin while sugary foods and empty calories hurt your complexion.

Foods to avoid if you want healthy skin

food and skin

If you want to maintain good skin health, we recommend avoiding the following:

Processed foods

When it comes to your diet, stick to fresh, wholesome single ingredient foods. Processed foods, like ready meals, should be avoided as they offer little in terms of nutrition. As they’re processed, enzymes and nutrients are broken down and lost – meaning you’re losing out on all the potential skin benefits.


Dairy products do offer many benefits but too much dairy can result in problem skin and acne. Many dairy cows are fed hormones to double their milk production, which we too get a dose of when we consume their milk. Instead, why not opt for vitamin and calcium enriched milk alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk?

Fried fast food

If you’re a regular down your chip shop or can’t resist a Saturday takeaway, it may be worth changing up your habits. Fried foods are full of the bad fats – oxidised fats – as opposed to healthy antioxidants. Fried foods can speed up the ageing of the skin, slowing down the collagen and elastin syntheses needed for that healthy glow.

Excess sugar and sweeteners

Again, it’s probably no surprise to hear that sugar affects our skin’s health too. Too much sugar can lead to acne and inflammatory skin conditions. It also increases the bad bacteria in the gut, meaning more toxins and worse skin. What’s more, artificial sweeteners aren’t any better either. As they’re full of sweeteners, they can irritate skin and cause inflammation.

Dietary recommendations for healthy, glowing skin

vegetables and skin

If you regularly consume the foods discussed above, it’s worth re-assessing your diet and making some changes. Eating a healthy diet needn’t be boring either; there are plenty of nutritious, delicious foods full of flavour.

When it comes to carbohydrate sources, stick to single ingredient foods, fruits and veggies. Porridge with almond or coconut milk is great for the skin (as long as it’s not topped with sugar!) and an ideal choice for breakfast. Other good carbohydrate choices for skin health include chickpeas, carrots, peppers, kiwi and kale.

Our favourite skin-saving protein sources include oily fish, like mackerel and salmon, and grass-fed beef. It’s always best to choose high-quality sources of meat and go organic where possible. Mackerel and grass-fed beef are bursting with healthy fats, vitamins and protein – essential for smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

Instead of getting your fats from fried foods, opt for healthy alternatives like avocado, eggs and olive oil. Unsalted nuts and seeds are also full of ingredients for healthy skin and ideal for snacking on too.

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