How often should you be visiting the dentist?

Two of the most common questions we get asked is “When should I book my next visit?” or “How often should I visit the dentist?” The answer varies from patient to patient, but we usually advise every six months. Next year, we’ll be supporting a new national campaign called Smile4Life, encouraging our patients to treat dental health as a life long issue. One of the campaign messages will be that six-monthly check-ups aren’t always necessary and that your dentist can advise on individual requirements.

Routine dental appointments: The guidelines

Routine dental appointment

Approximately 50% of adults visit their dentist every six months. This falls in line with our recommendations at AP Smilecare, however each patient’s requirement is different.

While we advise the majority of our patients visit us twice-yearly, we do take into account individual circumstances. Some patients visit us once a year – and this is usually down to regular twice-yearly dental appointments when they were young. On the other hand, we’ve got several patients that benefit from booking appointments more frequently to address long-term problems with their dental health. Furthermore, children benefit from visiting bi-annually to ensure proper development and health of their teeth. Once they hit the age of 18, we’ll readdress their needs considering their current dental needs and history.

At AP Smilecare, we’ll always advise a dental care solution that’s best for you – ensuring you visit neither too often nor too little.

Visiting your hygienist

dental hygienist

Of course, it’s not just routine dental appointments on offer at AP Smilecare. We also have a dental hygienist that specialises in scaling, polishing and cleaning teeth.

We recommend all adult patients visit their hygienist once or twice a year, depending on their needs. As always, some patients are advised to visit more regularly if they need particular attention to their oral hygiene and teeth.

A helping hand from AP Smilecare

There are a few reasons why adults and children avoid visiting their dentist – phobias and dental care costs being the main reasons. At AP Smilecare, we want to help ensure the best in dental health and so tackle both of these issues.

If dental phobias are stopping you attending your bi-annual check-ups, give us a call to find out about our hypnosis and sedation services. Designed with anxious and nervous patients in mind, these AP Smilecare exclusive services may change your life.

If it’s the cost of dental care that is putting you off visiting, why not enquire about our payment plans? As a Denplan dentist, we offer affordable, monthly payment plans designed to make paying for dental care easy. In fact, packages start at just £14.50 per month!

At AP Smilecare, we don’t just offer routine dental care appointments; cosmetic dental treatments are available too. To find out more about our offerings, why not get in touch with us.

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