How To Love Your Skin This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day (already)! You’ve probably got your dress picked out, your perfume all ready to go, and your hair just how you want it. So after all that effort, it’d be a shame to be let down by your skin. But don’t worry, at AP Skincare our experts have your back, so you can achieve that wonderful glow that will make you look radiant on the big night.

Spot The Difference

Woman looking into compact mirror

Ah, the dreaded acne. The only good thing anyone can say in it’s favour is that at some point, almost all of us have had it. Over 90% of the population suffers from oily skin, which is one of the chief causes of acne breakouts – so if nothing else, just know that you’re not alone! Of course, sometimes that’s not much comfort when you suffer a breakout when you’ve got a big date coming up. Though acne can be caused by naturally oily skin, there are other factors in play too. Stress is a big cause of acne breakouts – essentially, it provokes a chemical response in the body which tells the sebaceous glands in your skin to produce more oil, leading to breakouts even if you’re not normally prone to them. Prevention is always going to be better than cure, so taking steps to avoid stress – whether that’s by compartmentalising, exercising or even meditating – are always recommended. However, sometimes that’s not always viable, especially if you can’t help being nervous for your date.

Acne Treatments

woman having acne treatments

But don’t worry – at AP Skincare, we’re here to help! Rather than just dealing with the symptoms, our products and treatments are aimed at galvanising your cells into action, allowing your body to self-regulate and tackling the problem at its roots. We offer a range of treatments with a high general success rate, but the thing is, they have varying levels of effectiveness for different people. This is why thorough assessment is really important in order to accurately analyse your needs, which is crucial in recommending the right treatment for you, so it’s a part of the process that we take very seriously. During the assessment we’ll look at your skin’s overall health, history, and any stressful or environmental factors that may have caused the breakout. (Although around Valentine’s Day, sometimes we find answers more quickly than at other times of year!)

Once we’ve completed the assessment, we’ll get right to treating you. Our acne treatments use carefully selected ingredients with a proven success rate in order to soothe the dermal skin layer. The dermal skin layer, by the way, is the second layer of your skin, under the epidermis (which is the one you can see). The treatments target and revitalise your cells, heightening their activity rate to soothe and reinvigorate your skin – helping you achieve that all important glow you’ll be thankful for on the night!

Meanwhile, we also highly recommend our ZO Skin Health range of products, which are specially formulated by one of the world’s foremost skin experts. These are also fantastic at revitalising the cells in your skin’s dermal layer – the only downside is that they don’t come packaged with the kind of tailored care we offer in our consultations. You can book a free consultation using the button on any page of our website, or do it by phone – call us on 01254 297 000, and we’ll be on hand to help any way we can!

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