How to prepare for dental implants in Blackburn

Dental implants are one of the major dental treatments that we offer here at AP Smilecare, and we have a long history of delivering some fantastic results for our patients. You probably don’t need much of the core concept explaining to you – basically, these implants replace your natural teeth, leaving you with a full set of pearly whites – very useful if your teeth have been damaged, or even fallen out entirely. If you’re getting ready for dental implants in Blackburn, here are some of our top tips on how to prepare.

Create a healthy environment for your implant

If you’re getting a new tooth, you want it to be introduced to a healthy, happy environment, so it’s really important to stay on top of your oral care routine. Oral health issues like periodontitis and gingivitis can prevent your implant from adjusting to your mouth with ease, and in fact it can increase your chance of post-treatment infection. Practice good oral hygiene to prevent this, and make sure to have a thorough checkup of your oral health before the procedure.

Minimise your alcohol intake, and stop smoking

You don’t need us to tell you all about the general health risks of smoking and drinking – almost everyone knows the basics. But they can have a particularly severe impact on your oral health, and the threat can be especially acute if you’ve got an upcoming operation… say, for dental implants. Both can lead to an increase in issues like dry mouth and will also make it harder for your body to fight off potential infections. For those reasons alone, we strongly recommend staying away from alcohol and cigarettes as long as you can before and after the dental implant procedure.


Should you eat before the procedure?

Whether you eat or drink before a dental implant depends on the procedure. If you’re having a local anaesthetic, you should eat a light, easy meal a few hours before. If you’re being sedated, it’s usually advisable not to eat after midnight on the night before your dental implant. If you’re unsure, speak to your dentist, and they’ll explain the right option for you. (Quick note here – if you know you are being sedated, you won’t be able to drive yourself back from the appointment, so it’s worth taking the time to make provisions for returning home afterwards. Public transport or lifts from a friend or family member are some of the most common options.)

More exercise can decrease infections

Infections after an implant are something you should definitely be aware of. There are lots of ways you can keep them at bay, such as with good oral hygiene. But did you know that exercise can also increase your chance of fighting off bad bacteria? There are plenty of gyms in Blackburn, so sign up and get fighting fit before your procedure, or go for a few jogs around Witton Country Park to increase your fitness.

Stock up on soft foods

After you’ve had your dental implant inserted, you’ll want to stay away from tough foods for a while. Stock up on smoothies and juices, as well as soft foods like potatoes for when you’re ready to chew again. Speak to your dentist for more guidance on what you should eat after the procedure.

The dental implant procedure isn’t a tricky one, and it can change your smile forever! Just be sure to follow these tips, and your experience should be smooth and stress-free. If you’re looking for an experienced dentist to carry out your dental implant procedure, our team at AP Smilecare can help. Speak to our team or book in for an implant today by calling us on 01254 297 000. We look forward to hearing from you!