How you can get your smile beach ready for the summer

Summer is in full swing here in the UK, so it’s time to get out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! Whether you’re heading to the coast this summer, or flying abroad for a well deserved holiday, there might be a couple of self care tasks that you’re thinking about getting done to ensure that you’re looking beach ready. However you’re planning on preparing for your summer holiday – whether you’re hitting the gym, reinventing your summer style, or even getting pampered with a bit of personal grooming, it’s worth thinking about your smile too.

Having a happy, healthy smile can do wonders for your confidence, not to mention a bright smile is perfect for all those snapshot moments you’re bound to have on your break. So, how best to get your smile ready for summer? Here at AP Smilecare, we offer a fantastic teeth whitening treatment to help you polish up your pearly whites before you step out onto the sand.

But what exactly does this entail?

The teeth whitening process

At AP Smilecare, we ensure that our customers only receive the highest quality treatments available; which is why we opt for peroxide-based products, applied to custom made dental trays that are fitted accurately onto your teeth. This is a similar technique used by the vast majority of UK dental surgeries, but where we differ is in our combination of peroxides, which are used to maximise your teeth’s whiteness, in the shortest possible time. Plus, we also take care to be extra attentive towards customers suffering from sensitive teeth, to ensure that they receive a comfortable service.

So, how exactly do we achieve our fantastic whitening results? Well, the secret lies in our personally prescribed gel based whitening products, which you apply daily onto your teeth via the trays for between 1-4 hours (the time limit is subject to the conditions of the whitening protocol we have prescribed to you).

During this period, the peroxide mixture will gradually lift the colour of your smile, and because you are in control, you can dictate exactly how much of a whitening you want your teeth to receive. Whether it’s a more natural shade boost, or you’re looking to create a dazzling smile that’s sure to capture the attention of everyone you meet, our whitening treatments can give you exactly that.

We only provide the best teeth whitening treatments

Over the years, our product line has evolved to incorporate the most effective and innovative gels, specifically designed to give our patients exactly the results they expect. We don’t aim for ‘quick fixes’ here at AP Smilecare. Instead we use the highest quality products to ensure our customers are provided with long lasting results. We never compromise on quality, and our gels have been selected to produce gold standard results, time after time.

Once you’ve started using our teeth whitening treatment, you will see a noticeable transformation in your smile. You’ll instantly see a whiter smile within 3 days, so it’s the perfect solution if you’re in need of a last minute whitening before your summer break! So, if you’re interested in starting your teeth whitening journey with one of our in-house professionals, feel free to call our team at AP Smilecare on 01254 297 000. We can talk you through our teeth whitening process and make sure it’s the right treatment for you. When it comes to oral care, we’re always ready to help you!