Is Your Smile Ready For Summer?

Summer is right around the corner, and with better weather on the horizon now’s the time many of us are looking at getting our smile ready for the sunshine! At APSmilecare we’ve got some fantastic treatments designed for just that; with our expertise and straightforward procedures, we’ve got proven track record in being able to get your smile just the way you want it.

Our Specialist Teeth Whitening Treatments

teeth whitening treatments

It’s not a stretch to say that our teeth can take a hammering for a lot of the year. The run up to the festive season is filled with sweet stuff, from mulled wine and hot cocoa to boxes of chocolates and Christmas pudding. Pancake day and Easter are two more seasonal sweet celebrations, so it’s no wonder that by about May and June our teeth can end up looking discoloured.

Our teeth whitening treatment is a brilliant way to restore that characteristic shine, and you don’t have to wait long to see results either; you can instantly see a whiter smile within as little as three days! During the procedure, our dental experts use a combination of peroxides that are carefully applied to your teeth using comfortable, custom-made dental trays. We tailor this treatment according to what’s best for you, gradually lifting your teeth back to the shade you want, ultimately giving you a dazzling smile which will boost your confidence sky-high!

Our Smile Makeover Treatments

smile makeover

Then there’s our smile makeover services, which encompass a range of treatments all aimed at giving you that flawless smile. Whether you want to improve the shape or length of your teeth, or you’re more concerned about your gums and lips, we’ve got all the expertise and equipment to handle it. We’ll talk to you in detail about what you want to achieve, and run you through our recommended treatments and procedures that will help make it a reality.

We fully assess your dental health before getting started on any of these treatments. This involves not only looking at your teeth, but also your gum foundation and jaw support, using top-of-the-line X-ray imaging equipment to produce profile photos. As well as these photographs, we’ll also make models of your teeth to use as we visualise how the treatment is going to work. It also helps us in explaining to you the steps behind our procedures, so you know what to expect when we get started!

At APSmilecare, we’re staffed by a qualified team of dental professionals with decades of experience behind them. Our treatments don’t stop there either – if those listed above aren’t really your thing, you can visit our homepage to see our full range of dental treatments. In the meantime if you need any further information or advice, or if you’d like to book an appointment, just call us on 01282 297000 to speak to one of our friendly members of staff, who’ll be only too happy to help.

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