Join us to be apart of the world’s biggest coffee morning

This year we aim to raise a very specific £191, the cost to fund a Macmillan nurse caring for a patient throughout a day.

Macmillan nurses not only bring their skills and knowledge of caring for patients who have lost their own independence through illness, but support for their families too, who sometimes just want to talk about their feelings.

Through our patients and colleagues we hear many stories of the nurses strength as they care for relatives.

To help us achieve our target not only are we accepting donations all month but on September 26th and 27th we will be showcasing our ‘Bake Off’ specials, many of which will be tooth friendly!!!

During these two days we hope to see as many of you as possible, and you are welcome to play ‘Paul and Mary’ to judge the star baker amongst us!

We are also happy to take cake orders from any local businesses and deliver your morning treats free of charge in exchange for Macmillan pennies.

So, we will be trying our very best to achieve our £191 target & hope you come and spoil yourself with a sugar free treat for a very good cause!

So why not support the cause and gt yourself down to our dental practice in Blackburn.