Keep your smile fresh and fabulous with these oral care tips!

A healthy smile is essential to our self-confidence – just one of the many reasons why it’s important to look after our oral health! And while regular brushing plays a big part, there are a few other things that can really make all the difference too. Our dental experts here at AP Smilecare have outlined some of the biggest ones below!

Brush your teeth regularly

OK, we know you know this one, but it’s still worth saying. Brushing your teeth twice a day is the easiest way to begin your oral hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth twice a day, in the mornings and evenings, is just the right amount to keep your teeth clean. Whilst it might be tempting to go to bed without brushing when you’re tired, those extra 2-3 minutes can make a big difference.

Don’t rinse away toothpaste with water

After brushing your teeth, you probably wash your mouth out with water. Good toothpaste should contain fluoride, which helps to protect your teeth throughout the day. Rinsing after brushing will wash away the protective fluoride, so if you must rinse – use mouthwash instead, which will also help to prolong your teeth’s defences. There are different kinds of mouthwashes available but look for active ingredients such as chlorhexidine, which is antibacterial and helps with gingivitis. Good mouthwashes can help with lots of things, such as sensitive teeth, enamel protection, gum problems, and bad breath.

Clean the entire mouth

Official advice recommends that you brush your teeth and gums with a gentle circular motion, as brushing too hard and vigorously may damage your gums or the enamel on your teeth. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and make sure to change it when the bristles are well-worn, usually around every three months. The whole process should take 2-3 minutes, which gives you time to clean every individual tooth, don’t forget to gently brush your tongue too. Flossing reaches plaque and trapped food between the teeth, gently cleaning the teeth and gums in the spaces your toothbrush can’t reach. If you have trouble using dental floss, you can buy interdental brushes or floss sticks to make flossing easier. Switching to an electric toothbrush can also help if you struggle with a regular manual brush.


Regular visits to your oral hygienist

Whilst taking good care of your teeth and mouth is important, visiting your dentist regularly will ensure everything is thoroughly checked. This includes cleaning any areas where the plaque has hardened and can no longer be removed by brushing, checking for mouth sores and ulcerations, and advising on the overall status of your teeth and gums. A good oral care routine at home is great to help prevent problems, but even if you clean your teeth and mouth brilliantly, you should still see your oral hygienist every six months to ensure there are no problems.

For problems that a great oral routine won’t fix, a consultation with the smile makeover service can provide you with treatments such as improving the shape and colour of your teeth or the appearance of your gums.

Having a great oral care routine and scheduling regular dental check-ups will help keep your smile looking great, so take pride in taking care of your best feature: your wonderful smile!

We’re committed to doing everything we can to help here at AP Smilecare too, with our fantastic range of dental treatments to keep you looking and feeling amazing. Our treatments include our teeth whitening service, while our Invisalign adult braces can help you straighten your smile with none of the loss of self-confidence. If you want more information, or to book an appointment, just give us a call on 01254 270 000, or pop into our Blackburn dental clinic!