Look after your teeth this festival season!

With festival season in full swing it can be easy to forget our normal health and wellbeing routine and focus on just having fun. While having a great time is really important at these events, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your day-to-day routine and dental health. From sunburn, to poor food choices, lack of sleep to skipping brushing your teeth, we’ve all done it.

In today’s blog we’ll be sharing just how easy it is for you to maintain your dental routine while out and about at festivals. All you need to do is follow these AP Smilecare tips…

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

apsmilecare blog festival tips toothbrush

While this might sound simple, it’s easily done. With so much to pack it’s sometimes the routine things like a hairbrush and toothbrush that get forgotten. Packing your toothbrush and toothpaste is vital – and if you can fit it in we also recommend mouthwash and floss, especially if they’re part of your daily dental routine.

Be mindful when it comes to food choices

apsmilecare blog festival tips food choices

We’ve talked a lot about different types food and drink, and how they affect the teeth, already on the blog. Avoiding sugary fizzy drinks and irregular eating patterns is probably the best advice we can give here. You probably won’t have much choice when it comes to what’s available, but when possible, do pick non-sugary options and try and eat three times a day. It’s also recommended that you bring some healthy options with you – such as porridge in a pot and nuts and seeds– at least this way you can have a wholesome, healthy, non-sugary start to the day.

Stay hydrated

apsmilecare blog festival tips hydration

With so much going on and bottle of water eating into your festival budget, it’s easy to skip the H20 and keep partying. While good hydration is important for good health, it’s also hugely beneficial to your teeth. Drinking water after meals can help remove acids from your mouth, reducing the effects of dental decay and erosion. Of course, not all fluids will do this; fizzy pop and alcohol will just contribute to the problem.

Don’t share your toothbrush

apsmilecare blog festival tips sharing toothbrush

While you may think you’re helping a good friend out, you could be putting yourself at risk of disease. As brushing can cause gums to bleed, sharing your brush could result in blood borne diseases – as well as bacteria and viruses that lurk all over your toothbrush.

Chew gum

apsmilecare blog festival tips chewing gum

Gum not only tastes good, it’s beneficial to our oral hygiene too, protecting teeth and gums between meals. By stimulating saliva, it can help reduce acid attacks and consequently protect against dental decay and erosion.

Don’t use your teeth for things they weren’t intended for!

apsmilecare blog festival tips bottles

 Ever used your teeth to get into a beer bottle? You’re not the only one! Unfortunately, simple actions such as this one are often behind many patient visits to AP Smilecare. Before they know it, a patient has chipped or cracked their tooth, meaning long-term damage because of a silly mistake.

 If you’ve recently been to a festival and think your teeth need a little TLC, book an appointment to see one of our dentists. They’ll be able to advise you on dental measures you need to take moving forward and remedy any problems you might be experiencing.

 What other wellbeing tips would you offer other festival-goers? Share your tips and advice below, or tweet us @APSmilecare