One in five of us don’t brush our teeth as often as we should

A lot of British people will be used to brushing their teeth twice a day, alongside regular dental treatments. It’s been a part of your life for as long as you can remember, and getting in those two minutes twice a day is as important as drinking water or getting eight hours of sleep! But since it’s so deeply ingrained into almost everyone’s routine, it might surprise you to learn that about 20% of people aren’t properly brushing each morning and evening. That can ultimately cause some serious consequences for gum health, and could even end up a contributing factor in emergency dental care.

1 in 5 people don’t brush their teeth twice a day

A new survey of 2000 adults in Britain revealed that one in every five people brush their teeth only once a day. This is half the amount recommended by dentists and a risky habit to get into. However, it hasn’t always been this way. The adults who were down to brushing just once every day cited that it was a result of the pandemic. When working from home and losing a routine they’ve relied upon, teeth brushing falls to the wayside. If you’re not leaving your home, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of thinking that fresh breath is a lot less essential!

What happens when people return to work?

As more people start to head back to the office and our lives with Covid become more stable, it looks as though some of those surveyed are hopeful their bad brushing habits will stop. 26% blamed a lack of routine and 28% said they were too busy with other health issues, which isn’t surprising during the pandemic. As health concerns reduce and people return to their normal lives, it looks as though at least a quarter of people who aren’t brushing enough will start to again. That’s good news for their pearly whites!


What about dental treatments?

Alongside this worrying lack of brushing, almost 25% of people also haven’t been to a dentist in the past year! Of course, the pandemic limited the opportunities to get out and have your teeth checked, but with no lockdowns in place anymore hopefully more people will head out for their dental treatments. This should especially be the case for those not brushing twice a day – you may need some extra TLC for your teeth.

Why is oral hygiene so important?

The question that some people have been asking over the past few years is essentially: in a pandemic, is your oral hygiene really that vital? Our answer is a resounding yes. Your mouth can have a huge impact on your overall health, and gum problems have been linked to many other serious health conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Looking after your teeth and gums should be a vital part of your overall health routine.

If you don’t think you’ve been looking after your teeth as well as you could during the pandemic, don’t worry! These have been unprecedented and stressful times. But, now is the time to pick up your oral hygiene and resume proper brushing. You can also book in for dental treatments to prevent any large issues at AP Smilecare. We offer dental check-ups and services to keep your teeth in great condition. Book in with our team by calling us on 01254 297 000. We look forward to seeing you!