Our top 4 festive bits of advice for your teeth this Christmas

Ah, Christmas. It’s a time of joy, and cheer, and yes, a little bit of indulgence. That means it can be a bit of a nightmare for your teeth. That’s not exactly a secret – we’re all guilty of a bit of overindulgence every now and again – but a little knowledge is a powerful thing. It’s much easier to control the damage your teeth are exposed to if you know more about the potential risks in the first place. As experts in a variety of dental treatments here at AP Smilecare, here’s our top advice! 

Go easy on the obvious culprits

You know the ones we’re talking about! Chocolate, sweets and alcohol are all obvious culprits for damaging your teeth, as they’re all rich in sugar. Mulled wine is another major threat, as it’s highly acidic, which can wreak havoc on your protective enamel. Coffee and hot chocolate aren’t ideal either. That’s not to say you can’t have anything good in life, of course – especially at Christmas! But as the old saying goes, everything good in moderation. 

…And watch out for the not-so-obvious ones too! 

As well as the obvious culprits, there are plenty of others that are detrimental your teeth too, and these are the ones that can end up causing some of the worst damage to your teeth. Lots of people tend to underestimate the effect that prosecco can have on your health. Christmas cake and minced pies too – largely because they contain a lot of dried fruit, which can have a major impact on your teeth. To be honest, around this time of year it’s safer to just assume that almost everything you eat may have more sugar in it than you expect it to – so treat it accordingly!

Eat more cheese

Well… in moderation of course, as we’ve discussed! We’ve actually discussed this at length in our last post on the blog. A small cube of cheese after sweet treats like mulled wine can actively be actually good for your teeth. It generally works by increasing your saliva production, which neutralises the acids in your mouth. That’s also what makes it a great option to have especially after big meals, even after pudding. It’s not a cure-all or a replacement for brushing your teeth, but as long as you’re doing that correctly too, you can enjoy maximum benefit from it.  

Is it worth brushing your teeth more often? 

Brushing teeth twice a day for two minutes is obviously the best method, and the one most highly recommended by dentists. But to be honest it’s doesn’t have to be the absolute maximum – and if your teeth feel fuzzy or your breath feels stale, then you might want to consider brushing once or twice more during the day too.  

In case you’re wondering, yes – you can brush your teeth too often, so be careful not to do so as many as (say) five or six times a day, as it may start to wear away the protective enamel on your teeth. You’ll also want to avoid doing it too soon after eating, as your teeth may still be temporarily weakened from the acid in your food, and so you can actually end up doing them a bit of harm. 

Ultimately, trust your instincts – if you think you might be going a bit overboard (even by Christmas standards), then chances are it’s best to back off for a bit. Everything in moderation is the best way to have a wonderful Christmas!

And of course if you have any oral heath related questions, we’ll be able to give you the answers you need and help you look after your smile.

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