What are the seven signs of ageing?

Your skin can reveal a lot about your life, stress levels and your age – so taking care of it is a priority. While you may think the problems of ageing skin are years away, skin begins to age as soon as you hit your 20s. By looking after your skin and investing in anti ageing treatments from a young age you’ll be able to minimise those tell-tale signs of ageing. Whether you use skincare products, treat yourself to specialist treatments, or combine the two, you’re sure to reap the benefits in years to come.

1. Sun spots as a sign of ageing

There’s no doubt about it, soaking up the sun feels good. It’s nice to have that summer glow and soak up that all-important vitamin D, however, it’s not ideal for your skin. While you might not see the skin damage in your 20s, it’s there and will reveal itself in years to come.

woman with sun spots on her back

Solution: Always wear moisturiser with a good SPF to protect your skin, like our Heliocare moisturiser. If you’re already showing this sign of ageing, opt for skincare products with retinol in to diminish the appearance of sun spots and blemishes.

2. Sagging skin in the ageing process

Many of us fear the day when our skin begins to sag and droop. Not only can it make one look older, it also gives off a perpetually tired look too.

woman with sagging forehead skin

Solution: Massage is really important in helping to keep skin firm and taut. Firming creams can also help. The ultimate in solutions though is our Non Surgery Face Lift, which gives you back that plumped-up skin.

3. Losing skin glow as you get older

We all crave that healthy glow, but as we age the top layer of skin begins to dull. Luckily, this is one problem that’s relatively easy to tackle.

woman with glowing soft skin

Solution: Make sure to exfoliate regularly to enhance cell turnover and get rid of dull skin. A facial treatment like our Edermaroller Collagen Therapy also goes a long way in rejuvenating your skin and leave it glowing.

4. Fine lines and wrinkles during ageing

Fine lines begin to make an appearance on your forehead, around your eyes and around your smile. What’s worse is that they often seem to appear overnight. While frustrating, there are lots of treatments available for this common skin problem.

fine lines and wrinkles around the eye

Solution: We have a variety of moisturisers designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles like our Retriderm range. If your wrinkles are really getting you down, why not try one of our Anti-Wrinkle Treatments too?

5. Dry skin as you get older

As our skin ages, it begins to change and can become dry. This is one reason why it’s so important to choose a moisturiser suited to your age and skin type.

dry cracked skin on the cheeks

Solution: Products such as Retriderm have been developed specifically for ageing skin and tackle problems such as dryness. Treatments like our Edermaroller Collagen Therapy also help inject that all-important moisture back into your skin.

6. Open pores as your skin matures

If you thought that it was just teenagers who suffered with open pores, you’d be wrong. Unfortunately, as we get older, our pores can become enlarged giving an uneven skin tone.

facial skin with open pores

Solution: Anything that stimulates the turnover of cells will help with this condition, like our Chemical Peels.

7. Puffy eyes with age

Your eyes can say a lot about your age. As they are so delicate, they’re subject to issues like dark circles or puffiness – which only increase with age.

woman with puffy eyes

Solution: A good eye cream suited to ageing skin will help minimise the effects of the thinning skin around the eyes. One of our favourite ranges here at AP Skincare is the Endocare skincare range.

If you’re doing all you can to keep your skin in tip-top condition, don’t forget your lips too. Our Lip Sculpt treatment helps ensure plump, clearly defined lips – no matter what your age.

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