Skin types: Which one do you have?

Knowing your skin type can have a dramatic impact on improving troublesome skin conditions and making the most of your skincare regime. With lots of products and guidance out there, all tailored to different skin types, it’s important to purchase the right items and follow the proper guidance to enhance your skin.

There are five main skin types that are broadly targeted by the skincare market and it’s fairly easy to diagnose which category you fit in.

Normal skin type

Normal skin is fairly easy to look after and maintain. Neither too dry nor too oily, we’d recommend just a simple moisturiser to keep it looking its best. For normal skin types we’d expect few imperfections, no severe sensitivity and a radiant complexion… you lucky things!

Combination skin type

Combination skin is the most common of all skin types. The way you diagnose combination skin is by assessing the different types of skin on your face – on the t-zone (across the forehead and down the nose) and on the rest of the face (on the cheeks and around the eyes.) Combination skin can lead to overly dilated pores, blackheads and shiny skin. While it can be hard to treat, there are plenty of products that can minimise the effects of combination skin.

Dry skin type

If you suffer from facial itching, irritation, inflammation or peeling you’re likely to be suffering from dry skin. Occasionally rough and scaly, dry skin is often accompanied by red patches, more visible lines and a dull, rough complexion.

Oily skin type

While diet plays a part in developing oily skin, so can hormones. Acne often goes hand in hand with oily skin, as do blackheads, pimples and a shiny complexion.

Sensitive skin type

Sensitive skin should be treated with real care. It’s important to find out what leads to breakouts of redness, itching and dryness – whether it’s a specific food or ingredient or moisturiser / beauty product. Once you’ve found the trigger you’ll often be able to treat sensitive skin by using a simple moisturiser daily that doesn’t aggravate your skin.

 Find your skin saviour

Whatever your skin type, we have plenty of skincare products and services tailored to you at our skincare clinic. Run by Jo, the team offer a wide range of professional beauty services from anti-wrinkle injections, for aging skin, to treatment facials for irritated, sensitive skin.

If it’s just a day-to-day skincare regime you’re looking for, AP Skincare can help there too! With our wide range of skincare products, targeting just about every skin type you can think of, you’ll be able to get that healthy glow and supple skin back in no time!

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