Skincare solutions for oily skin

Do you have oily skin? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Over 90% of the population has oily skin – which leads to excess shine, pimples and an overabundance of sebum. While oily shiny has its disadvantages, it tends to age better and develops fewer wrinkles than normal or dry skin. Furthermore, with specialised skincare treatments and products you can tackle oily skin – taking greasy skin to healthy and luminous.

Wash and cleanse your skin daily

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Oily skin is best washed with hot water rather than lukewarm water as it dissolves oil more effectively. Once you’ve washed your face, you should also apply the right cleanser – one formulated for oily skin. A liquid face wash, which contains AHAs, like glycolic acid, can also be used once daily to get rid of dead skin cells and reduce oil in your pores.

Reduce shine on the skin with loose face powder

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If your shiny skin is really getting you down, powder your face with loose face powder. This will soak up excess oil and help you achieve a matte look. Pressed powder, on the other hand, should be avoided as it contains oil and can make acne worse.

Choose skin-appropriate skincare products

Skincare solutions

Using the wrong type of skincare product can worsen the problem of oily skin. Products suited to dry and sensitive skin may make your skin greasier and acne-prone while everyday moisturisers may not be tailored to combat the problem.

Products from the ZO skin range, available at AP Smilecare, have been specifically designed for oily skin. The products help normalise oily skin conditions and skin prone to acne by stimulating both the epidermal and dermal cells. Our tailored product ranges include all the products you need. From cleansers and serums to day and night moisturisers – you’ll have your oily skin under control in no time.

Manage your acne

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Acne is one of the most common side effects of oily skin. Those troublesome spots usually crop up in those shiny areas and in the t-zone. By helping your skin self-regulate its oil production, through products and treatments, you can reduce the problem of acne and bring back your skin confidence.

At AP Smilecare, we offer specialist acne treatments designed to tackle oily skin. After an in-depth skin analysis and consultation, we’ll determine the appropriate treatments to soothe and control your skin.

One of our popular acne treatments is the chemical peel. Used to cleanse, decongest and hydrate skin, chemical peels help treat problem zones and stimulate new skin regeneration.

Treat acne-damaged skin

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If teenage acne has left a lasting impact on your skin there is a solution. Our Edermaroller Collagen Therapy can help blend away scarring and unevenness caused by months or years of acne. Furthermore, the Edermaroller also tackles the symptoms of oily skin and aging skin, including open pores, lines and wrinkles.

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