Smile to Shop

Blackburn, we want to know what or who has made you smile over the next month.

By sharing your story with us you could earn yourself an even bigger reason to smile by winning a ‘Mall’ shopping voucher .

National Smile Month runs between May 19- June 19 and to celebrate we want to hear your ‘cheesy’ stories. We’re asking you to share your ‘entertaining’ pictures/stories via twitter, facebook or email.

There’s always someone or something that has made you chuckle during the day. We’re talking about your Dads singing in the car, your teacher’s chemistry tie or the colleague who always brings you a cream cake on a Wednesday morning.

People ‘ down south’ are always saying how friendly us Northerners are, so lets show them why Blackburn is actually one of the smiliest places to be!!

Each week the story or picture that has made us smile the most will win a £15.00 Mall Voucher

If however you are little shy of your smile, why don’t you book in for a FREE Dental M.O.T.

Throughout National Smile Month you can book in via our website, for a free assessment to check the health of your gums and teeth.

Unfortunately, more children in Blackburn need fillings than many other parts of the country and this can lead to many of them becoming embarrassed to see a dentist.

Our Nurses are trained to provide a free screening programme that can help answer many of your dental concerns.

As you can see Dentistry can be free and it can make you smile!