Are sun beds really that bad for your skin’s overall health?

The short answer is: yes! According to the World Health Organisation, sun beds are just as dangerous as smoking, and they’ve recently been classed as amongst the most serious categories of cancer causing products. Despite this, in recent years Cancer Research UK has found that more than 25% of sun bed users are still unconcerned about the levels of danger they pose. Take it from our experts here at AP Skincare, they can be absolutely devastating for your skin’s health – and here’s why!

Why are sun beds so bad for you?

As we touched on a moment ago, sun beds have recently been classed as explicitly carcinogenic to humans, which means they’re officially viewed to be just as harmful as cigarettes, alcohol and even asbestos! Scientific studies on the topic have found that in the last three decades or so, cases of malignant melanoma (a type of skin cancer) have more than quadrupled, and it’s now the second most common form of cancer for people aged between 15 to 34. On top of that, further studies have found that people are who are frequently exposed to UV rays before the age of 25 are at greater risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

It’s fair to say that sun beds are a particular struggle of ours here in the UK – a lot of which can be explained by our climate! The recent heatwave was one of the very rare sustained bright, warm and dry spells that we get to experience amongst what are comparably pretty grey summers, compared to other places around the world. And since we can’t rely on good weather to get our tans, many people – especially women – get theirs from sun beds.

Three years ago, experts warned that the risk of developing skin cancer from using sun beds has tripled in just 10 years, mostly because the demand for ‘instant tanning’ has led to a market of more and more powerful sunbeds. ‘Recreational tanning’ is higher than ever amongst young adults, and last year a bill was passed in the House of Lords to ban sunbeds for under-18s. Some studies have even suggested they can be addictive!


So what’s the alternative if I want to get a tan?

You know what we’re about to say – go outside! Even then though, you’ll want to protect yourself with good quality sunscreen (for example, with something from our Heliocare range). Remember, a tan might look attractive to some people, but it’s important not to forget what it actually is – your body’s attempt to protect itself from the damaging effects of UV rays. Unless you’re properly taking care of your skin, you risk severely damaging your health.

And here at AP Skincare, your skin’s health is our absolute top priority. At our Blackburn treatment centre we offer a range of treatments designed to maintain a healthy glow in your skin. For example, our derma-facials and chemical peels encourage more active cellular activity, revitalising and toning your face. You can click here to see our full range of treatments, pay us a visit at our Blackburn treatment, or give us a call on 01254 297 000!