The 3 worst skincare habits you can develop during lockdown

2021 kicked off with some particularly unwelcome news, with the announcement of new lockdown restrictions that’s kept the majority of us confined to our homes. With so many things changing in our day-to-day lives, the uncertainty has had a knock-on impact on everyone’s daily routines – and that in turn is occasionally having its own knock-on effect on our skin.

Here are three particularly bad habits that we’ve noticed a rising trend for here at AP Skincare – and how you can avoid running afoul of them!

1. Self-diagnosing skincare issues

With skincare clinics temporarily closing their doors across the UK, lots of people have been forced to take their skincare into their own hands, with a word or two of advice gleaned from the internet. We’re sure you can see the issue already!

With so many different perspectives and an abundance of products and advice online, it can be difficult to work out what solutions will actually work for you – especially when you’re not getting the benefit of a face-to-face interaction with advice specifically tailored to your own needs.

Another particularly tangible danger lies in the many at-home treatment kits that are available online, especially if they’re not from widely-recognised and trusted sellers. Buying strong peels online is especially dangerous, as there’s no guarantee that it will be made with quality ingredients at safe standards, or even suited to your skin type. What’s more, using these kits without prep solution or neutraliser could make you vulnerable to painful result, or even long-term harm.

To avoid this, before taking any advice you read on the internet we’d emphasise doing your due diligence on the author. What’s their background, and what qualifications do they have? Are their suggestions in line with what you know already, or what you’ve heard from other reputable sources? If you have the slightest doubt about the answers to any of these questions, it’s best to steer well clear. Better safe than sorry! (And on a similar note, try and avoid jumping to the worst conclusions about any skincare ailment you feel you may be suffering. When you’re worried about your health, even the worst advice can sometimes seem like it might be a good idea. Seek out reputable sources like the NHS website, and steer clear of random blogs or WebMD!)

2. Self-extractions

This is essentially a nice way of saying popping pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Now, the resurgence of acne is becoming reasonably common for adults all over the UK, due to a number of factors primarily related to lifestyle changes. It can be down to irregular diets, for example, or just plain stress, which has a big impact on your skin. You can read more detail in the above link, but essentially when you’re stressed or anxious, your body ramps up the production of a hormone called cortisol, and an increase of oil production from your sebaceous glands. Both of these can quickly lead to pimples and blackheads.

Now, we know how tempting (and let’s be honest, satisfying) it can be to try and pop those pimples yourself, but when you do that, you’ll be creating a tear in the skin. That tear needs to heal, and can lead to scarring – so try and resist the temptation. (And steer clear of dodgy internet-bought extraction tools!)


3. Lack of sleep

Another no-brainer. Daily routines have taken a massive hit in the past ten months, so it’s no surprise that sleeping patterns are starting to suffer, too. That can be exacerbated by go-to lockdown activities, such as binge-watching. Screens emit broad-spectrum light which can easily disturb our sleep patterns – leading to poorer sleep, increased insomnia and greater fatigue the following day.

We’ve already talked at length here at AP Skincare about how your sleeping patterns are vital to your skin’s health. Essentially, while you’re resting your body and mind, your skin takes the opportunity to repair itself too. That’s part of the reason why those infamous bags-under-the-eyes are such an easy way to tell if someone’s been having enough sleep or not. If you make sure you take the time to get enough sleep, though, not only does it save you from those dreaded dark circles, but it also gives your blood enough time to oxygenate, so it ends up looking brighter and fresher.

At the time of writing, our Blackburn treatment centre is temporarily closed here at AP Skincare, but if you have any doubts or questions, you can still give us a call on 01254 297 000 and we’ll be able to give you an update on our situation, possibly including more details on when we’ll be able to re-open. Right now, that all depends on the government!