The Benefits Of Choosing EDS Rejuvenate For Your Skin

Our EDS Rejuvenate treatment is one of our most popular skincare procedures and at AP Skincare we think it’s no wonder! It uses cutting edge technology to achieve stunning results, and what’s more, they’re reliable and long-lasting too.

What Is EDS Rejuvenate?

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One of our most popular rejuvenation procedure, EDS Rejuvenate is an award-winning treatment that’s earned national recognition for its dramatic and consistent ability to reduce the appearance of scarring and wrinkles. It uses medical-grade micro-needling technology with precision controls, which allows our experts at AP Skincare to adjust the needles throughout the treatment. This means that we can tailor the procedure to you even as it’s happening, with an exceptional level of accuracy and precision. Ultimately, this ensures quality results each and every time, leaving your skin looking smoother, tighter and younger.

What Happens During The Treatment?

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The fantastic thing about EDS Rejuvenate is that despite the technology and expertise involved, ultimately most of the work is done by your own skin cells. Your skincare professional firmly brushes your skin with a wand of fine micro-tips that firmly brushes your skin, increasing the flow of blood to the surface. This increased blood flow does wonders for your skin, as it brings a whole wealth of nutrients and growth factors that kick your skin cells into action, as they begin to revitalise your skin’s various layers.

The treatment times of other skincare clinics vary, but at AP Skincare we like to guarantee the quality of our work, so the treatments usually take about two hours. The first hour is spent applying a specialised numbing gel to your skin, just to make extra sure there’s absolute minimal discomfort. Then during the second hour, we delicately apply the wand’s micro-tips across your skin, accounting for any particularly affected or sensitive areas.

Following that, we apply a soothing mask to your face. This is packed with powerful antioxidants and calming serums that help to both amplify the benefits of the treatment, as well as helping minimise any potential discomfort.

After The Treatment

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Immediately after the treatment, your skin might feel a little warmer and tighter than usual; a couple of patients have compared to a mild sunburn. This is completely normal, and starts to fade within one or two days. In fact, it’s a fantastic excuse to get people to treat you a little more delicately for a while (it’s a good trick if you can manage it)!

To counter this, as part of our aftercare package we’ll supply you with our Heliocare anti-aging cream, which nourishes the skin and quickens the recovery process, as well as again acting to minimise any potential discomfort.

Then, it’s mostly a case of waiting. After an EDS Rejuvenate treatment, it can take up to six weeks for significant results to occur, so be patient! When they do start to appear, the final effect will look healthy, natural and long-lasting – all the things you want from a successful skincare treatment!

How Often Should I Have An EDS Rejuvenate Treatment?

At AP Skincare, for the best results we’d recommend three sessions approximately six weeks apart. However, depending on your skin’s condition and your individual needs, the schedules might need to change accordingly. Don’t worry though – we’ll advise and give you individual recommendations based on what’s best for you.

Prices for the treatment start at just £200 – a sum which includes the Glo-Minerals and Heliocare aftercare package we mentioned above. It’s worth £44.50 on its own, but this is covered by the cost of the treatment. All in all, not bad – even if we do say so ourselves!

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