The best way to protect yourself effectively with sunscreen

It’s a pretty common misconception that UV rays can only damage you when the sun is out, at the height of summer. Although the damaging effects of UV rays are usually more prominent during this time of year, your skin may be at risk all year round and therefore, making sure you protect yourself effectively with sunscreen is incredibly important. Sunscreen is definitely something we’d recommend adding to your daily routine, and with our wide range of skincare treatments available, including our Heliocare range, you should be able to find the perfect one for yourself! Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your sunscreen, keeping yourself protected from those UV rays.

Treat each sunscreen differently

Whether it’s oil or lotion, spraying on or rubbing in, a common issue comes from the belief that switching sunscreens has resulted in sunburn. In reality, it is rarely the fault of the sunscreen, but instead, it’s related to incorrect application. The vast majority of sunscreen products offer instructions for application and this is likely to differ based upon the type of product you’ve purchased. Be sure to check the labels on your sunscreen to see how you’re supposed to apply your product of choice to ensure maximum protection!

The right amount

Finding the appropriate amount of application for each individual is difficult. In the same way that different people require different skincare treatments, different people require different levels of protection from the sun. Of course, this makes it difficult to offer a precise number, but a tip that might help is to continue applying until there is a sheen to your skin. Once your skin appears to have this sheen, this implies that it has had the correct amount of application. If you’re still unconfident, however, you can always adhere to the old adage of ‘laying it on thick’ to make sure that you’re appropriately protected.

benefits of applying sunscreen
Apply it last

No matter how simple or complex your skincare routine may be, we would advise that you always make sure sunscreen is the final thing you apply. Makeup is the exception to this, as, unlike other skincare treatments, makeup will remain on the surface of the skin. It is important that you ensure that you wait until the sunscreen is absorbed before you apply the makeup, as applying any foundation too quickly could weaken the sunscreen, reducing how protected you are. There are plenty of skincare products available that contain SPF and help to prevent ageing. For instance, our Heliocare range is a cost-effective treatment that grants you 100% protection from all the dangerous rays that come from the sun. Simply apply it last, after any serums or moisturisers and get yourself protected.

“Let it soak!”

You’ve probably heard this phrase before, but it definitely bears wisdom. If you apply sunscreen properly, as part of your morning routine, you should be protected for the rest of the day. Of course, this depends on the level of SPF and the level of exposure to sunlight you’re expecting but making sure you give your sunscreen amply time to soak is crucial. We recommend laying on a thick coat at the end of your morning routine, giving it at least 20 minutes to soak, and then getting yourself dressed and taking on the day.

Get it everywhere

Of course, many areas of the body are more susceptible to sun rays, the back of the ears, back of the neck, and shoulders, for example. Did you also know that your lips and scalp are two of the most at-risk areas from UV rays? Make sure that every area of the body is covered and protected, especially these areas of your body that are constantly exposed to the sun and its rays. Sunscreen should do the trick in most circumstances, but a hat and SPF lip balm are also advised for that extra assurance.
Sunscreen is an extremely important part of year-round protection against the sun and is something we recommend adding to your morning routine. Once it’s implemented into your routine, you can take on the day with the confidence that you’re safe from any radiation coming from the sun’s UV rays!

Each of our skincare experts has a wealth of knowledge gained from years of practical experience, so we’re able to give you tailored advice that’s unique to your needs and personal circumstances, whether that’s to do with sun protection, or our range of skincare treatments. Call into our Blackburn treatment centre today on 01254 297 000, or book an appointment to visit us in person – we’re always here to help!