The biggest mistakes most people make with Korean skincare (Part 2)

As we’ve covered before on the blog, in the opening months of 2019 more people are looking at turning to Korean skincare than ever, especially given that winter can be so tough on your skin! You may already know from our previous post on Korean skincare that it’s a somewhat delicate art, and there can be lots of ways to accidentally get it wrong. So to help you get the most from your Korean skincare routine, here’s a bit more detail on exactly how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes we often see. This time, we’re focusing on application.

Mistake #4: using products in the wrong order

Applying your products in the right order arguably just as important as choosing which products to use in the first place. To be honest, this isn’t an issue unique to Korean skincare – it’s worth bearing in mind for any skincare routine! Make sure you know which products complement each other, and how they work together. If you’re not sure what order to use them in, a good rule of thumb is to use your products in order of lightest to heaviest, working your way up the scale.

Mistake #5: rubbing it in too hard

As with many things when it comes to skincare, doing it gently is the key. Lots of people make the mistake of firmly rubbing in their skincare products, which can be unnecessarily rough, even if it feels like you’re doing it gently. Remember, your complexion is sensitive, so this sort of rubbing won’t be doing you any favours. Instead, we’d recommend starting by tapping it gently into your skin instead.

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While you’re doing this, it’s worth making sure that you’re following the ‘grain’ of your skin, as this offers the path of least resistance and ensures that there’s the minimum amount of friction when you’re putting it into your skin. Going ‘against the grain’ is a mantra that men are well familiar with from shaving, as it’s the most common reason why many of them cut themselves!

For us women, though, the secret is to start from the innermost part of your face, and work inward and upward. In this case, that means starting from your nose, and working outwards towards your temple. Once you’ve reached your forehead, you’ll then want to work outwards to your temples, to ensure you’re covering the entirety of your skin. It also helps to give your skin a boost in helping it to reduce lymphatic swelling and fighting the downward pull of gravity, helping you look and feel amazing for longer.

Mistake #6: Thinking reactively, rather than preventatively

We’ll say it now: having a reactive focus to your skincare is perfectly fine for most skincare routines. However, thinking ahead in skincare is important in Korean skincare because it’s an ethos that specifically focuses on being preventative rather than reactive. Rather than tackling spots once they’ve appeared, you should be working towards how to prevent them appearing in the first place! Staying in this seasonal mindset is vital for maintaining this preventative approach. You’ll want to use your sunscreen early in summer, for example, and around this time of year you’ll want to make sure your skin is always sufficiently hydrated, so that it doesn’t become dry or cracked.

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