The Botox Bust: 7 Key Questions To Ask Before Botox Treatment

Here’s an apparently little-known fact – Botox is actually a prescription medicine. Some experts think up to 90% of patients aren’t aware of this! That means there are all sorts of rules and regulations protecting its use, and when prescribed and applied correctly, it can work wonders.

However, it’s when skincare practitioners don’t know (or even actively ignore) these rules that patients can be put in danger, and this was the subject of the recent BBC documentary – Ellie Undercover: The Botox Bust. Although the programme was broadcast last month, we know that lots of our patients are still talking about some of the more worrying discoveries, so we’re here to put your mind at ease!

What Did The BBC Documentary Find?

The documentary follows 24 year-old journalist Ellie Flynn as she poses as a client to various beauticians, finding out how they care for their patients seeking Botox treatments. As we’ve touched upon, some of the results are quite concerning. Since it’s a prescription medicine, Botox can only be applied a doctor has approved the treatment after a meeting with the patient – which is a legal requirement. Ellie found that some Botox practitioners are giving their patients Botox without referring their patients to prescribers beforehand. In other cases, the meeting was had, but only over the phone rather than face-to-face (another legal requirement).

phone call with doctor

Even during some of these phone conversations, Ellie found that several important questions weren’t asked. She was almost about to undergo one particular treatment when she casually mentioned to the nurse that she was pregnant. She was met with an alarmed response, and the treatment was immediately called off, as the effects on unborn babies aren’t fully known. Thankfully Ellie wasn’t telling the truth in this instance, but if she hadn’t mentioned it, the beauticians would never have known!   Other practitioners told her that they were registered nurses, but when she checked, that wasn’t the case.

But Don’t Panic…

Now, it’s important to remember that Ellie’s experience are not necessarily par for the course when going for a Botox treatment. The programme isn’t pretending that nobody ever knows what they’re doing, or that all Botox treatments are dangerous and harmful – it’s just trying to educate the public on what they need to be aware of when they go for treatment, and how to spot the warning signs of bad practice.

Most skincare practitioners are very responsible – indeed, we like to think we’re particularly diligent here at AP Skincare! Ellie has uncovered why it’s so important for patients to choose their providers carefully, and know the right questions to ask before you go for treatment.

skincare patient

What Questions Should You Ask Before A Botox Treatment?

Well, we should start by saying – whatever you feel comfortable with! If you’re unsure about where to start, though, these are some good jumping-off points:

  1. Do I need Botox?
  2. Is now the right time to start it? (For example, being pregnant would be a bad time!)
  3. How much Botox will you inject?
  4. Are there any risks or side effects?
  5. Have you done this treatment before?
  6. How much will it cost?
  7. Is there anything I should do to prepare, both before and for after the treatment?

Now, here at AP Skincare we’ll always sit down with you before you undergo any of our core treatments, and explain to you any potential risks as well as the benefits of your chosen treatment. If you’re unsure about anything at all, we’re always here to explain the answers for you. Our skincare experts have a wealth of experience in carrying out successful treatments for our patients – our dermal filler treatment is particularly popular with our patients, who enjoy amazing results alongside (of course) quality patient care. Why not pop into our Blackburn treatment centre or give us a call on 01254 297 000, and see what we can do for you?