The Cost Of Adult Braces: Incognito Braces And Ceramic Braces

In the second and final instalment in our series covering more details about the cost of adult braces, this week we’re looking at Incognito lingual braces and tooth-coloured braces. As with the Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth treatments we talked about the other week, both this week’s treatments are designed to be as subtle as possible, giving you full confidence in your smile throughout the duration of your treatment. So, the only question remains – which one is right for you?

Incognito Lingual Braces

incognito braces

Since confidence is an issue for many of our patients, like many of our treatments here at AP Smilecare, discretion is a central principle in the design of the Incognito lingual braces. The brackets are made of titanium, and as with traditional braces, they’re attached permanently to your teeth for the duration of the treatment. Unlike normal braces, though, they fit on the inner surfaces of your teeth rather than the outer surfaces, so that onlookers are none the wiser about your treatment. The braces are separated into two arches that are custom-designed to snugly fit your mouth. They’ll align your teeth to leave you with a model smile, helping you to regain your confidence – and look fantastic as you do so!

Before beginning the treatment, you’ll first have a consultation with our resident specialist Dr Samer. He’ll run you through the finer details of the treatment, discussing your desires and expectations, and how the Incognito lingual braces can help. Once that’s done and the details are all ironed out, the treatment will begin. (Generally it lasts between 12 to 18 months, but this timescale can be subject to variation depending on the patient.) Whatever the case, you can count on our dental experts to provide you with help and support every step of the way!

Price: £3500 per arch

Ceramic (Tooth Coloured) Braces

ceramic braces

This treatment has a lot of distinct similarities with Incognito lingual braces, but some of our customers find it can be a little easier on the wallet. This treatment works in a similar way, aligning your teeth through two arches that adhere to your top and bottom rows of teeth. Unlike the Incognito treatment these braces are attached to the outer surfaces, but use materials specifically chosen to help them blend into your teeth, helping to keep the treatment as unobtrusive as possible.

Once again, this treatment involves an initial consultation with Dr Samer, who will run you through the details of the treatment in its entirety, as well as cover how it will be specifically tailored to you. You’ll usually see the final results somewhere between 12 to 18-months. Hailed as successful as cost-effective, ceramic braces use subtle techniques to create a dazzling result; an A-lister smile without any hefty price tags. What’s not to like?

Price: £1800 per arch

At AP Smilecare, we’ve got no shortage of adult braces treatments for you to choose from – in case you missed it, you can also read our last post on Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth treatments. Or, if you’re unsure which one might be best for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01254 297 000 to book a consultation. Our experts are always happy to give you some specialist advice to point you in the right direction!

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