What’s The Right Order To Apply Your Skincare Products

When you hear someone talk about the right order to apply skincare products, one of your first questions might be: does it really matter? Well, as skincare experts, we can tell you that the answer is yes! Layering products properly affects how effective they’ll be, and if you’re applying the products in the wrong order, your skin won’t get the full benefits. The rule of thumb is that you should apply the thinnest first and the thickest last; thin products will water down thicker ones, while thicker ones will block thinner ones.

The right order to apply skincare products is:

  1. Makeup remover (if it’s the evening).
  2. Cleanser and toner.
  3. Spot cream or acne treatment.
  4. Serums and eye cream.
  5. Moisturiser.
  6. SPF (as part of a morning routine).

Want to find out the full details on why?

Removing Your Makeup

remove makeup

Obviously, this step only applies in the evening. Although if it’s applicable in the morning, you may have had a rough night! Wipe off lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow – the works. There shouldn’t be any makeup on your face by the time your head hits the pillow, as it can irritate your face and possibly lead to breakouts. If you’ve ever woken up after having forgotten to take it off the previous evening, you might be able to personally attest to this!

Apply Cleanser and Toner

facial cleanser

This will be the first step in a morning routine, and an essential second step in your evening one. Cleanse your skin thoroughly to remove any leftover dirt and oil that might have built up during the day or overnight. For a thorough cleanse, skincare experts (like us!) recommend that you exfoliate with a physical or chemical exfoliant at least once or twice a week.

Your toner comes next. This is an often skipped step that actually does wonders for your skin, so it’s important not to miss it out! Your toner basically finishes what your cleanser started, ensuring that all dirt and oils are completely cleared from your skin.

Let Your Spot Cream Or Acne Treatment Go To Work

applying spot cream

We’ve all had those days where we look in the mirror to find an unpleasant surprise waiting for us. Now’s the time to deal with those directly, applying them to irritating acne scars or newly-found spots.

Apply Serums And See What Your Eye Cream Can Do

face serum

As one of the lighter kinds of products, as we mentioned above the effects of serums can sometimes be blocked by thicker solutions like sun-creams. Serums penetrate deeper into your pores, so in order for them to do their best work you won’t want them to have to be fighting through other products to get there!

The same rule goes with eye creams; they’re also relatively thin, so their path should be as unobstructed as possible. We’d advise applying eye cream regularly, starting from your twenties onwards. As we’ve mentioned in our blog about tiredness, the skin is thinner around your eyes. This is why you get those dark circles when you don’t get enough sleep; it’s your skin showing you it’s not getting enough time to recover itself. That means your eyes need all the help they can get! Also, applying eye cream in the mornings then clears the way for your makeup.

Moisturise And Protect Your Skin


Though these are both last in the list, don’t make the mistake of thinking that means they’re less important! Hydrated skin is happy skin, and protecting yourself against the worst effects of sun-damage is vital, especially in the summer months. It’s all too easy to underestimate the weather – even if it’s a cloudy day – and get yourself burned, so don’t leave the house without it! (You can probably get away with skipping it at night though; you’re unlikely to see much sun from under those covers.)

So that’s the basics covered! It sounds like a lot of steps, but if you adjust your skincare routine to fit, you’re likely to see some great results. Of course, if you have any questions or need any advice, you can always call the number of our skincare clinic in Blackburn – or, use the number to book an appointment! Contact us on 01254 297 000, or email us at enquiries@apskincare.co.uk.

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